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prop up

1. To place or lean someone or something (against something else) in such a way as to keep them or it upright. A noun or pronoun can be used between "prop" and "up." I propped Tom up on the wall of the bar while we waited for a taxi to take us home. Just prop up the rake against the shed when you're done.
2. To help someone or something remain upright with a prop or crutch of some kind. A noun or pronoun can be used between "prop" and "up." The frame of my bed broke right in the center, so I've been propping it up with a stack of books. I put extra pillows around the patient to help prop him up.
3. To give someone or something support in order to remain active or keep from failing, especially in a temporary, partial, or secretive capacity. A noun or pronoun can be used between "prop" and "up." The American film industry props up the entire country's economy—if they decided to go elsewhere to film, hundreds of thousands of people will lose their jobs overnight. My father propped my business up for the first few years to help keep me afloat. It's only just now that I can begin paying him back. Of course it's now known that the United States had been propping dictatorships and shadow presidents up all around the world in order to protect American interests.
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prop up the bar

To spend a large amount of time drinking at a pub or pubs in general. Primarily heard in UK. My father spent most of my childhood propping up the bar, so forgive me if I am not overly enthusiastic about social drinking. John's down at the local, propping up the bar with his mates from work.
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prop someone or something up (against someone or something)

to stand or lean someone or something against someone or something. He was so tired I had to prop him up against the wall while I looked for the door key. I propped up the man against the wall. I propped the mop up against the wall.
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prop up the bar

spend a considerable time drinking in a pub. informal
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ˌprop up the ˈbar

(informal, disapproving) spend a lot of time drinking in a pub or a bar: ‘Where’s Paul?’ ‘Propping up the bar in the King’s Head, as usual.’
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prop up

1. To support something with or as if with a prop: I propped up the leg of my desk with some cardboard to keep it from wobbling. She sat down in the chair and propped her feet up on the table. He propped the ladder up against the wall and climbed up to the roof.
2. To provide temporary or partial support to something that is failing or needs assistance: Foreign investors propped up the currency by purchasing more government bonds. The company would go bankrupt if the government didn't prop it up with special tax breaks.
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If you want to take the spinner, bulkheads and prop off to inspect them (say you felt a vibration and are trying to track it down), go right ahead.
By pulling back the prop control on the typical piston twin after the engine has been shut down or fails, the prop enters the feather position, streamlining it and preventing it from windmilling in the slipstream, thereby reducing drag.
The last chapter in the book is devoted to the organization of the prop shop space.
The sample of unduplicated FY 2006-07 CalOMS admissions were distributed across the four comparison groups as follows: 14.3% Prop. 36 meth users; 20.6% non-Prop.
Don't use large props that can't be built up or taken down quickly.
Skills and interests To be a prop maker you should have: Technical and craft skills such as model-making, electric and electronic engineering, lighting or furniture making; An interest in the performing arts and in design; Creative and artistic skills; Good communication skills; An understanding of materials and their capabilities; An ability to work within a budget; and Computing skills for creating props using computer-aided design.
At idle throttle when the prop is windmilling, clearly a slower windmill should reduce drag and save fuel that's just running through the engine.
For maximum antifouling protection in an aerosol, Interlux recommends using the pigmented Trilux Prop & Drive with Biolux which is available in white, gray and black.
Players out: Jon Boden (fullback, Leicester Lions), Michael Wood (winger), Rob Worrincy (winger Hull rugby league), Jon Benson (fly-half, Blaydon), Ben Gollings (fly-half, Japan), Steve Barretto (prop, Plymouth Albion), Dan Cook (lock), Jason Forster (flanker, Neath), Russell Earnshaw (flanker, Pertemps Bees as coach), Ryan Peacey (flanker), Netani Talei (No.8, Worcester).
That's partly because Prop 2 was called the "Michigan Civil Rights Initiative," and in getting the initiative on the ballot, the group sponsoring it misled voters, according to a federal judge.
PERTEMPS Bees went into today's National One derby against Coventry at Shar-mans Cross Road (2pm) facing the prospect of being deducted points for not having sufficient specialist prop forwards in their squad.
The body absorbs most of one novel implant, a patch that can fix heart defects, and it degrades the other, a stent that can prop open a narrowed artery.
Rugby Union: Newcastle Falcons prop Micky Ward, pictured, will make his first start for England when he runs out at Twickenham on Saturday to face the Barbarians.
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