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110 proof

Extremely strong or potent. Its original sense refers to the alcohol content of liquor. This cleanser is 110 proof. If it can't get the stain out, nothing can.
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1. adjective Resilient or impervious to bullets, as of fabric or other material. That bulletproof vest saved my life!
2. adjective Resistant to mishandling, abuse, damage, error, or malfunction. Don't worry about breaking the phone, these new models are bulletproof! We've developed a bulletproof computer program that even the most non-computer-savvy person will be able to use!
3. adjective Extremely well planned or thought out, such as to be impervious to criticism or failure. We have a bulletproof plan for tackling poverty in the neighborhood. My thesis proposal is absolutely bulletproof.
4. verb To make resilient or impervious to bullets, as of fabric or other material. After crime rates rose in the city, many stores began bulletproofing their windows and doors.
5. verb To make resistant to mishandling, abuse, damage, error, or malfunction. Don't worry about breaking the phone, these new models have been totally bulletproofed! We've bulletproofed our latest computer program so that even the most non-computer-savvy person will be able to use it!
6. verb To plan or think something out so well as to be impervious to criticism or failure. Make sure you bulletproof your plan before you submit it to the developers. I spent an extra two weeks totally bulletproofing my doctoral thesis.

burden of proof

The requirement and obligation of providing sound, reasonable evidence supporting a charge or allegation. Originating and used primarily in law, it can be applied more broadly to any situation in which a contentious dispute arises. In court, the burden of proof always rests on the plaintiffs and the prosecutors. The burden of proof is on you to show that the computer was broken before you bought it.
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put to the proof

To be tested, or to test something. I'm hopeful that the invention will now finally work properly, but it needs to be put to the proof first.
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the proof of the pudding

The final results, which are the only way to judge something's quality or veracity. Our analysts think that the marketing campaign will reinvigorate our sales, but the proof of the pudding will be in our year-end figures.
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proof is in the pudding

Prov. You cannot be sure that you have succeeded until you have examined the result of your efforts. Jill: I think we've done a good job of fixing the lawn mower. Jane: Well, the proof is in the pudding. We haven't tried to mow the lawn with it yet.
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The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Prov. You don't know the quality of something until you have tried it or experienced it. Theory says that this material will produce a superior widget, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
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burden of proof

Obligation of proving a disputed charge or allegation. For example, Are you sure you mailed the tax return on time? The burden of proof's on you. A legal term dating from the late 1500s, it has also been used more loosely in recent times.
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proof of the pudding, the

Results are what count, as in Let's see if this ad actually helps sales-the proof of the pudding, you know. The full expression of this proverb, dating from about 1600, is The proof of the pudding is in the eating, but it has become so well known that it is often abbreviated.
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the proof of the pudding is in the eating

People say the proof of the pudding is in the eating to mean that something can only be judged to be good or bad after it has been tried or used. Such therapies should not be dismissed out of hand, particularly when the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Note: People often vary this expression, for example by just talking about the proof of the pudding. The proof of the pudding, so to speak, will be if sales of English cheese go up. Note: In this expression, `proof' means the testing of something rather than establishing that it is true. The idea is that the best way to test the quality of a pudding is to taste it rather than admire its appearance.
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be (the) living proof that (or of)

show by your or something's existence and qualities that something is the case.
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the proof of the pudding is in the eating

the real value of something can be judged only from practical experience or results and not from appearance or theory.
Proof here means ‘test’, rather than ‘verification’. A garbled version of the expression, the proof is in the pudding , is often heard, no doubt abbreviated for the sake of convenience.
1998 Nigella Lawson How to Eat Don't hide the fact that you're microwaving it: they do say the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
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be ˌliving ˈproof of something

show something is true simply by being alive or existing: He plays tennis and golf. He’s living proof that a heart attack doesn’t mean the end of an active life.
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the proof of the ˈpudding (is in the ˈeating)

(saying) you can only say something is a success after it has actually been tried out or used: I know you didn’t think it was a very good product, but just look at the fantastic sales figures. That’s the proof of the pudding.
Proof in this idiom refers to a way of testing something.
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proof ˈpositive

definite or convincing proof: It’s proof positive of her belief in the company that she’s investing her own money in it.
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and proofed
mod. [of an ID card] examined to determine whether one has reached the legal drinking age. Dave got carded at the party even though he is thirty and looks it. As soon as we were proofed, we got in and got some brews.
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See carded
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mod. can withstand idiots who drool. (Of well-written software that even droolings idiots can operate without crashing.) This software package is drool-proof. Even my grandmother could use it.


1. mod. foolproof; not subject to misuse. This scheme is not goof-proof, but it’s pretty sound.
2. tv. to make something foolproof; to take action to see that something cannot be misused. See if this can be goof-proofed by Monday evening.
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The Spectra*Star T8050 matched the output of the Quickmaster DI much closer than dye sublimation proofers we evaluated because of the unique ability to show dot patterns at the same screen angles as the presses," said Baggarley.
DuPont Imaging Technologies and Creo are also starting evaluation of a new version of the DuPont(TM) Cromalin(R) b2 drop-on-demand inkjet proofer that will be integrated with Creo workflow, color management and consumables.
The proofer is precalibrated to match the industry standard DuPont WaterProof(R) film proofing system, for consistent color from design to print.
The Integris line of proofing solutions includes the new Integris Desktop proofer with the EPSON Stylus Pro 4000; the Integris 400 with the wide-format EPSON Stylus PRO 7600 for 4-up proofing; and two models of the 8-up Integris 800 with the EPSON Stylus PRO 9600 and 10600.
This proofer uses Multi-Drop Array inkjet imaging which produces a controlled stream of drops at 1500 x 1500 dpi.
The new Veris proofer is a four-page, tabletop proofing system that uses a new Creo technology, Multi-Drop Array inkjet, for high image quality and consistency.
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As an element of Networked Graphic Production(TM), the strategic initiative that creates an integrated production process helps printers cut costs, increase revenue, and decrease cycle time, the Spire CXP3535 color server can be used as a color document proofer for offset print jobs that have been prepared with the Brisque(R) or Prinergy(R) workflow management systems.
Fuji's PictroProof proofer is the fastest 2-page proofer in its class, with remote proofing capability and built-in auto calibration.
This includes any combination of coating and frying, cooking and roasting, steaming, infra-red cooking, searing and grill marking, proofing, baking, chilling and freezing with JBT FoodTech's product lines which include Frigoscandia (spiral freezers, chillers, proofers), Stein (ovens, fryers, coating equipment), DSI (slicing and portioning systems) and the Double D range of high impingement cookers, searer/grill markers, ovens and proofers.
The company will retain its current product line, which includes Harley Opti-Chek mounter proofers, gravure presses, embossers, coating machines, laminators, associated web handling equipment and custom machines.
Servicing the commercial printing and publishing industries, Compose provides total output solutions to OEM's, distributors, and dealers for a wide variety of imagesetters, monochrome color proofers, large-format plotters, and color copiers/digital printers.
Products include friction testers, ink rub testers, thickness testers, viscometers, coaters, printing proofers and pilot presses.
The PacVantage suite of collaboration tools include HP technologies including HP Indigo Press WS4050, Colour Managed Designjet 30/130 series of proofers and a Bosch Terra 25 VFFS packaging machine.
Throughout his career he has worked with spiral proofers, ambient coolers, chillers and freezers in a range of food industries, including Bakery, Meat and Poultry, Fruit and Vegetable, and Seafood.