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pronounce something on someone or something

to make a statement, usually a judgment, about someone or something. The judge pronounced final judgment on the prisoner. The family all pronounced a positive opinion on the cake.
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It is appropriate for RNs to perform a final assessment and pronounce death for patients as a natural continuation of compassionate and timely nursing care; and
It's long been thought that to pronounce scone to rhyme with 'cone' revealed a sort of higher class distinction.
Ellen posted a photo on Instagram of the 21-year-old holding a sign explaining how to pronounce her name.
In fact, just to drive home this point, last term I wrote "Lyons" on the board and asked my class to pronounce it.
It is commonly pronounced haitch, whereas I was taught to pronounce it aitch.
In the same way that the English and Americans pronounce the word "tomato" differently the word "gala" has similar discrepancies in the North.
The say-as element is an indicator inserted into speech code to help TTS (text-to-speech) engines pronounce words correctly from the written text by helping resolve ambiguities in the meaning of that text.
None were allowed to pass except those who could pronounce the password: shibboleth.
Przypyszny and Michael Hrynyszyn, but never gave us a clue how to pronounce their names.
A new French wine campaign which pokes fun at the way British people pronounce grape varieties is not patronising, insists the trade group behind the push.
Perhaps the most urgent need in Baptist life today is for new prophets to pronounce the word of the Lord.
A new book has been written to help wine drinkers who sometimes struggle to pronounce the names of European wines.
Then said they unto him, Say now Shibboleth: and he said Sibboleth: for he could not frame to pronounce it right.
If there was a word students couldn't pronounce I'd have to say, `Let's listen to the news tonight and hear how Tom Brokaw pronounces that,' before they could tape a newscast," Haviland says.