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prone out

1. To lie flat, especially on one's front. The soldiers proned out as soon as they heard the gunshots. I proned out for a while under the shade of a large sycamore tree, listening to the babble of the brook beside me.
2. To cause someone to lie flat, typically on their front. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "prone" and "out." The police officers proned out the suspect and searched him for weapons. The old drunkard had been proned out by whiskey and beer.
3. Of a surfer, to lie flat on one's board in front of a wave, especially as a means of getting back to shore. The water was becoming too crowded with tourists and novices, so I just proned out and rocketed toward the shore.
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prone to

1. Inclined or likely to do something. The boss is prone to get irate when someone disagrees with him, even if he's clearly wrong. The comedian is prone to saying pretty offensive things during her stand-up routine.
2. Susceptible to something; readily affected by something. He's prone to illness, so his mother makes him stay indoors a lot. I'm prone to nausea when I travel by boat.
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prone to something

likely to [do] something; apt to have something. My boss is prone to anger when my work isn't done on schedule. My sister is prone to sneezing because of her allergies.
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