prone to

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prone to something

likely to [do] something; apt to have something. My boss is prone to anger when my work isn't done on schedule. My sister is prone to sneezing because of her allergies.
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One thing, in this connection, White Fang quickly learnt, and that was that a thieving god was usually a cowardly god and prone to run away at the sounding of the alarm.
Some parents have entirely prohibited their children from tasting intoxicating liquors; but a parent's authority cannot last for ever; children are naturally prone to hanker after forbidden things; and a child, in such a case, would be likely to have a strong curiosity to taste, and try the effect of what has been so lauded and enjoyed by others, so strictly forbidden to himself - which curiosity would generally be gratified on the first convenient opportunity; and the restraint once broken, serious consequences might ensue.
Ever prone to magnify Fate, George counted up the forces that had swept him into this contentment.
It is a hazard, high-risk area that is prone to landslides, flooding and fire,' Baacia said, adding that some houses a few meters above the landslide area had been damaged by fire last year.
like everybody else, I am prone to making mistakes.
People with spinal cord injuries are prone to developing pressure ulcers, which can cause problems with quality of life and medical health.
Individuals carrying the "obesity-risk" allele of the fat mass and obesity associated gene, FTO, are prone to obesity and obesity related eating behaviours such as increased food consumption, preference for high fat foods and lack of satiation after eating.
We obtained all of our data using one particular Hi-Lo table, the motorized design of which allows convenient changing from the prone to an upright position.
A ADRIENNE SAYS: Both edible and ornamental cherries are prone to the disease silver leaf, which enters through cuts.
THE weakness of the pound against the euro could mean more Britons visiting places prone to malaria, travel association Abta said today.
Q OUR seven-year-old son is prone to chest infections.
The area between the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys is prone to landslides, with the Acton hillsides presenting more of a risk than those around neighboring Agua Dulce, maps released Tuesday revealed.
So any human settlement close to these boundaries is prone to encounter ground shaking and volcanic activity.