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promote someone (from something) (to something)

to raise someone's rank from something to something. They promoted her from teller to vice president. Carl promoted his daughter to supervisor.
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As I understand it, they began by respecting his courage in venturing among them alone; and they ended in discovering that he was really interested in promoting their welfare.
Its real purpose, characteristically enough, was the concealed one of promoting the sale of an unsuccessful religious book, but its literary importance lies first in the extraordinarily convincing mass of minute details which it casts about an incredible incident and second in the complete knowledge (sprung from Defoe's wide experience in journalism, politics, and business) which it displays of a certain range of middle-class characters and ideas.
See too, I said, the forgiving spirit of democracy, and the `don't care' about trifles, and the disregard which she shows of all the fine principles which we solemnly laid down at the foundation of the city-- as when we said that, except in the case of some rarely gifted nature, there never will be a good man who has not from his childhood been used to play amid things of beauty and make of them a joy and a study-- how grandly does she trample all these fine notions of ours under her feet, never giving a thought to the pursuits which make a statesman, and promoting to honour any one who professes to be the people's friend.
Of course, in actual fact, human learning is rendered easier, though psychologically more complex, through language; but at bottom language does not alter the essential character of learning, or of the part played by instinct in promoting learning.
She is always attended by a lover or two, and she keeps a little list of her lovers, and she is always booking a new lover, or striking out an old lover, or putting a lover in her black list, or promoting a lover to her blue list, or adding up her lovers, or otherwise posting her book.
In proposing to the object of my passion to elope with me to America or Switzerland, I may have cherished the deepest respect for her and may have thought that I was promoting our mutual happiness
OANHSS wants the legislation to commit the province to preserving, protecting and promoting not-for-profit long-term care.
The literature on the effectiveness of exercise in promoting sleep has limitations.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- Seeking to both encourage healthy eating and generate trial among active consumers, Gorton's will distribute approximately 800,000 coupons promoting its Grilled Fillets product line in 1,100 health clubs and fitness facilities nationwide.
economic and trade policy is calibrated to support these nascent developments by promoting economic reforms, and by fostering economic ties and trade linkages.
In addition to promoting long-term, sustainable growth within our own companies, we as business leaders also need to proactively promote economic development wherever we do business.
Given the deleterious consequences of a negative body image among preadolescents, it is essential to consider the role of school counselors in promoting a healthy body image.
Their final report issued 25 specific policy recommendations on promoting global and domestic CSR.
The student is in charge of promoting the program by talking to classes and encouraging them to enter the contest," Roberts says.
Hanson was honored for his leadership in promoting camping.
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