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promote someone (from something) (to something)

to raise someone's rank from something to something. They promoted her from teller to vice president. Carl promoted his daughter to supervisor.
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or, if you hope so to promote it better, hide it till you can triumph in its success
For though it be true that every one is bound to promote to the extent of his ability the good of others, and that to be useful to no one is really to be worthless, yet it is likewise true that our cares ought to extend beyond the present, and it is good to omit doing what might perhaps bring some profit to the living, when we have in view the accomplishment of other ends that will be of much greater advantage to posterity.
Presently, there is a lack of large-scale studies that rely on objective measures over self-reporting, which is less reliable and may fall prey to widely-held beliefs that exercise promotes sleep.
Increased intra-regional trade not only promotes economic growth and development, it also enhances the political stability of the region through fostering interdependence.
There is evidence that economic freedom - the result of free trade and other economic reforms - not only promotes economic growth, but also leads to greater political freedom.
Particularly within the realm of body image, schools should develop an environment of acceptance and safety that promotes personal health and strength, so that all students are given the most optimal chance to succeed.
Morgan&Myers promotes Laurie Redman-Steen and Michelle Wood from senior associates to counselors.
The cultural event promotes recognition of disadvantaged groups without threatening the fundamental American values of individualism and meritocracy.
It promotes values and ideals that we want to promote for our students,'' Barcelona said.
Kent Feeds promotes David Garber to district sales manager for southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois.
Through decisions made by its political bodies and programs carried out by its General Secretariat, OAS promotes greater inter-American cooperation and understanding.
promotes Brian Boesche to executive creative director, Dave Hansen to managing director of the Lincoln office and Wes Neuhaus to managing director of the Omaha office.
The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) celebrates and promotes Hispanic pride, culture, accomplishment and leadership through national and regional educational and inspirational programs focusing on putting Hispanics in a position from which to lead.
Farmland promotes John Berardi to executive vice president and CFO.
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