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promote (one) from (something) to (something else)

To elevate one from a particular rank or position within a corporate or military hierarchy to a higher one. Often used in passive constructions. They promoted her from Regional Manager to General Manager after just over a year in the position. For his years of service, the President promoted Wilks from Colonel to Major General.
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promote (one) to (something)

To elevate one in rank or position within a corporate or military hierarchy. Often used in passive constructions. They promoted her to General Manager after just over a year in her job as an editor. For his years of service, the President promoted the Colonel Wilks to Major General.
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promote someone (from something) (to something)

to raise someone's rank from something to something. They promoted her from teller to vice president. Carl promoted his daughter to supervisor.
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The government will announce measures to promote engineering exports from the country specially auto-parts, air-conditioners, and motorcycles and introduce new technology in the engineering sectors in Pakistan, he added.
For more information about Promote Builders or to sign up as a developer or marketer, visit
* ensure the co-ordination of community services provided by multi-service agencies with those services offered by hospitals, long-term care facilities, mental health services, health care professionals and social service agencies, and to promote a continuum of health and social services.
These studies illuminate one possible explanation for the present shortage of direct, compelling evidence that exercise promotes sleep: Most of the research thus far has been done on good sleepers, so study design may be imposing a ceiling on sleep improvement.
An international association that seeks to promote the common business interests of the gold industry by providing information and speaking for the industry.
Specifically, the New Protocol eliminates barriers to trade and investment between the two countries, resolves uncertainties under the Old Treaty, curtails abusive use of the treaty, and promotes improved cooperation in international enforcement of the tax laws of both countries.
Promote the study of medical aspects of running and endurance events.
TIFAs promote the establishment of legal protections for investors, improvements in intellectual property protection, more transparent and efficient customs procedures, and greater transparency in government and commercial regulations.
In addition to promoting long-term, sustainable growth within our own companies, we as business leaders also need to proactively promote economic development wherever we do business.
Conference of Mayors is working with the USDA Forest Service and AMERICAN FORESTS to promote the need for an urban forestry program that will promote the preservation and creation of urban forest areas; and
Therefore, El Salvador now has special regulations to promote and create incentives for foreign investment.
She was so appalled at the "scientific misinformation" they contained that she set Out to completely rewrite the course; in the process, she began to promote abstinence as the only certain way to avoid venereal disease.
The purpose of this article is to integrate current literature on body image and provide school counseling interventions to promote healthy body image in middle school students.
Most European nations, including the most generous welfare states of Scandinavia, now promote programs of this kind.