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promote (one) from (something) to (something else)

To elevate one from a particular rank or position within a corporate or military hierarchy to a higher one. Often used in passive constructions. They promoted her from Regional Manager to General Manager after just over a year in the position. For his years of service, the President promoted Wilks from Colonel to Major General.
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promote (one) to (something)

To elevate one in rank or position within a corporate or military hierarchy. Often used in passive constructions. They promoted her to General Manager after just over a year in her job as an editor. For his years of service, the President promoted the Colonel Wilks to Major General.
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promote someone (from something) (to something)

to raise someone's rank from something to something. They promoted her from teller to vice president. Carl promoted his daughter to supervisor.
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Hypothesis 3 predicted that salary, promotability, and extra-organizational career opportunities would have direct effects on job satisfaction, career satisfaction, organizational commitment, and turnover intentions.
Overall promotability. A similar six-item measure of the potential for future promotion was also developed for the study.
symbiotic leadership in which associates participate in decisions that affect them the most, namely, those involving merit and promotability;
Consensus ratings of promotability were also highly correlated with actual promotion (r = .70, p [less than] .001).
For an employee, the supervisor's rating of promotability might be a particularly important indicator of the impression he or she has made on a key organizational member.
In the analyses the authors performed various sets of correlations: self and subordinate ratings; self, subordinate and self-minus-subordinate ratings with superior ratings of performance and superior rated early promotability. One interesting finding was that, though self-ratings of leadership behaviour tended to be inflated in comparison to subordinates' ratings, the more successful officers were less likely to inflate their self-described leadership behaviour.
Future work should investigate the relationships between the antecedent measures of power, upward influence tactic usage, and a variety of job-related outcomes, such as promotability and performance ratings in order to systematically assess Kanter's (1977) argument that power is cyclical in organizations.
Self-development was a more important performance dimension than productivity and dollar shortages for determining the promotability of tellers to higher-level positions (e.g.
Although there is a fair amount of research addressing the relationships between personnel decisions and candidate/employee age, there is a dearth of empirical research addressing the specific relationship between age and promotability. Rosen and Jerdee (1976) found that managers tended to withhold promotion and development opportunities from older employees compared to identically qualified younger employees.
In addition, many respondents identified effective writing as a critical or very important determinant of promotability.
If you don't have trusting teams, you have groups of people...not asking for help for fear it will hurt their promotability. Eventually things break.'
It does mean that preoccupations with feelings, promotability, relationships, Maslow, and the like may need to take a back seat.
The autobiography highlights Bacevich's Roman Catholic middle class military background and the inculcation from Westpoint in which essentially the army equals the nation, but even more importantly, sees promotability as a characteristic - accepting orders, conformity - becoming the main ambition, the main career goal.
He expects on-line education to not only grow in popularity, but to have a greater impact on "promotability" and salary growth due to its perceived greater credibility.