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promote someone (from something) (to something)

to raise someone's rank from something to something. They promoted her from teller to vice president. Carl promoted his daughter to supervisor.
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Employees' Challenging Job Experiences and Supervisors' Evaluations of Promotability.
To stay competitive and successful, it's now essential for businesses to identify talent factors about their employees holistically, including leadership potential, job performance, promotability, retention risk, and role importance," said Greg Swick, chief sales officer at Ultimate Software.
Promotability of host-country nationals: A cross-cultural study.
is based not only on the really new benefit, but also the significance of that benefit, along with packaging, promotability and price/value relationship.
There are as many ways to use technologies to build your visibility, credibility and promotability as there are technologies.
Cordero, Farris, and DiTomaso (2004) report a positive relationship between the people skills of supervisors and the innovativeness, usefulness, promotability, and job satisfaction of subordinates.
In the Hernandez review, employers expressed concerns with the work-related skills, productivity, supervision demands, and promotability of individuals with disabilities (Johnson, Greenwood, & Schriner, 1988; McFarlin, Song, & Sonntag, 1991; Roessler & Sumner, 1997).
Studies reveal that the more a manager provides career-related mentoring to his or her direct reports, the higher are the perceptions of promotability from his peers and boss.
In turn, these perceptions were related to issues of development and promotability to line management and executive management positions (Hoobler, et al, 2009).
Emotional attachment to an organisation correlates positively with job performance, promotability and employee potential (Meyer, Paunonen, Gellatly, Goffin & Jackson, 1989; Shore, Barksdale & Shore, 1995).
Potential promotability, it was found from the polls, is also considered by employers from as early on as when they make their hiring decisions.
Is being skilled in negotiation important to a young supervisor's promotability within the horticulture profession?
An effective performance appraisal has two primary objectives: to generate information on which to base salary adjustment and promotability decisions (evaluative purposes), and to identify areas for future performance development and growth (developmental purposes).
Toward that end, this article examines the Air Force's implementation of the DOD's Roadmap by briefly reviewing the document's main points and then considering shortcomings in such areas as duty assignments and promotability.