promise (one) the moon

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promise (one) the moon

To promise one something that cannot be done. Your clients will come to distrust you if you keep promising them the moon.
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promise the moon (to someone)

 and promise someone the moon
to make extravagant promises to someone. Bill will promise you the moon, but he won't live up to his promises. My boss promised the moon, but never gave me a raise.
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promise the moon

If someone promises the moon, they promise to do or give things that they cannot in fact give. Politicians promise the moon at election time, but do they deliver once they're elected?
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promise someone the moon (or earth)

promise something that is unattainable. British
1998 New Scientist Scientists tend to promise taxpayers the moon, and then not deliver.
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promise (somebody) the ˈmoon/ˈearth/ˈworld

(informal) make very big or impossible promises that you are unlikely to keep: He promised her the moon, but after ten years of marriage they hardly had enough to live on.
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"He is promising the moon and telling Maria he has completely changed his ways.
She was promising the moon but the US woman who tried to sell a rare piece of moon rock for $1.7 million was swooped on by NASA investigators.
Right now in our industry, there are an awful lot of upstart personal care companies that are promising the moon when it comes to environmental claims, but do they truly deliver on their promises?
They are just fooling around and promising the Moon.
She has been disappointed so many times before, and he's just another holy man promising the moon and handing out rocks as collateral.
15 Wall Street Journal, under the headline "The Fiscal Proposals of Bush and Clinton Both Flunk Arithmetic," he wrote: "The candidates are not just promising the moon, they are promising to build a spaceship to get there for free." Murray's analysis went on to make the rest of the business and political writers look like amateurs.
No, promising the moon and the stars does not count as a platform.