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He refused to listen to me, as he had refused to listen to his mother; and he held me at the same time to my promise to keep his secret.
I thank you, most sincerely, Major," I said "You have convinced me that I must not ask you to forget, on my account, the promise which you have given to my husband.
I was going to say," I rejoined, "that your promise only pledges you not to tell the secret which my husband is keeping from me.
Thus far," he said, "I have rigidly respected the promise which I made to your husband.
A man who has betrayed a woman under a promise of marriage is forced by that law (in the interests of public morality) to acknowledge her as his wife.
With the promise of merciless vengeance written in the Devil s writing on his Devil-possessed face, he kept his eyes fixed on the hated woman whom he had ruined--on the hated woman who was fastened to him as his wife.
On the faith of the written promise of marriage exchanged between you in Scotland," he said, "you claim Mr.
That ring is a promise; and that promise has been accepted
Then you promise to send for me sometimes, Christine?
She made me promise I wouldn't tell a soul," said John hoarsely.
I promise to go to school every day, to study, and to succeed--"
I promise you, Father, that I'll learn a trade, and I'll be the comfort and staff of your old age.
Most importantly, a company's brand promise plays a vital role in building strong relationships with its consumers and ensuring sustainable, long-term performance because promises matter to people.
Filipino adults expecting President Rodrigo Duterte to fulfill most, if not all, of his promises continue to plummet, a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey said on Sunday.
Rewards are often offered as incentives for those who are joining the promises.