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A friend or associate can counsel us on selecting a promiser or recommend us to trusters.
commanding or promising) do not necessarily involve words at all, or, more significantly for Wolterstorff's investigation, may involve words uttered or written by someone other than the commander or promiser.
The prime guarantor of such a contract was the fides of the promiser (cf.
In cases of marriage settlements, for example, promises may be enforced even in the absence of actual inducement because of the possibility, foreseen by the promiser, that the promisee might change her behavior in reliance on the promise.
So the next time there's that knock at the door in the run-up to the elections tell whichever Earth promiser that it's not Lords reform or boundary changes we're crying out for, it's someone to go down the shops and get 20 Rothmans and some egg foo yung.
I'm going get the associated promiser to sign their name next to said pledge on my magnadoodle and take a big fat picture of them standing next to it.
On the one hand, the promised girl may not survive while, on the other, the promise itself might not survive either because the promiser dishonours his word or because he dies before transfer of the young woman as bride.
The Company also recently announced the availability of Frontstep Capacity Promiser, which is a Microsoft .
By leveraging common production data to quickly determine and provide capacity-based item availability information, Frontstep Capacity Promiser allows companies to automate the promising of delivery dates that accurately reflect current inventory and capacity.
We received clear promisers, and the meeting was frank," Al-Ghanim noted.