References in classic literature ?
"And you promised to give me a heart," said the Tin Woodman.
"And you promised to give me courage," said the Cowardly Lion.
Of course I let them think so, because they were afraid of me, and promised to do anything I wished them to.
Where the persons therefore--living in Scotland at the time--have promised each other marriage in writing, there is now no longer any doubt they are certainly, and lawfully, Man and Wife." He turned from his niece, and appealed to Mr.
The man groaned a good deal and said he had overworked himself by chopping the logs, but the Scarecrow gave him two more tablets than he had promised, which seemed to comfort the lazy fellow.
Besides, how could I dislike any one that promised to make you happy, my dear thing!" Maggie pinched Lucy's dimpled chin.
"But, dear," said Maggie, falteringly, "I promised Tom very solemnly, before my father's death,--I promised him I would not speak to Philip without his knowledge and consent.
'Bra' is the second song on King Promise's debut album 'As Promised,' released on July 5.
He disclosed that the former Head of State, late General Sanni Abacha in a bid to honour the Coach as well as his team, promised them a reward package of Housing in Abuja.
Imran Khan promised for construction of five million houses for that class of our society which neither have its own house nor the necessary resources to purchase the same (such as middle income salaried class).
The second broken promise made by PH that Fann pointed out was that Parliamentary sittings is less than 100 days a year, unlike as it was promised in the manifesto.
Titled "Your Future-My Responsibility", the manifesto promised interest-free loans to farmers, small and medium industrial parks in every village and town of the state, Rs2 million in overseas scholarship to students of all weaker sections and a separate bank for tribal people.
That means that this fact--making a valid promise--recommends or demands p-ing because there is value in someone's [phi]-ing if she has promised to do so.
Not a penny of the promised Rs 15 lakh has landed in any of the accounts; as per latest statistics, the number of workers has shrunk in the country; unemployment rate is sky-rocketing; and dollar is hovering around Rs.