promise the moon/earth/world

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promise (one) the moon

To promise one something that cannot be done. Your clients will come to distrust you if you keep promising them the moon.
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promise the moon (to someone)

 and promise someone the moon
to make extravagant promises to someone. Bill will promise you the moon, but he won't live up to his promises. My boss promised the moon, but never gave me a raise.
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promise the earth

If someone promises the earth, they promise to give people things that they cannot in fact possibly give them. `Politicians have lost credibility,' he complained, `they promise the earth and don't deliver.'
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promise the moon

If someone promises the moon, they promise to do or give things that they cannot in fact give. Politicians promise the moon at election time, but do they deliver once they're elected?
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promise (somebody) the ˈmoon/ˈearth/ˈworld

(informal) make very big or impossible promises that you are unlikely to keep: He promised her the moon, but after ten years of marriage they hardly had enough to live on.
See also: earth, moon, promise, world
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He equates the experience with that of politicians who promise the world but later become elusive.
The ACCC is warning the community to watch out for investment scammers who promise the world but leave their victims with broken dreams and empty bank accounts.
The advisers to a small company will help to shape their expectations and not promise the world to investors.
With local elections just around the corner it is likely we will hear more prospective politicians promise the world only to retract when in office.
We can't promise the world and a big shake-up but we want to entertain and give them something to be proud of.
Gareth Brown said: "Labour can promise the world if they win the election but they won't win the election.
I've seen a lot of brokers promise the world and then [not deliver].
We have seen dozens of White Papers and Internet Strategy Papers that promise the world," said Kent Lawson, president of Magna, "but nothing enabling corporations to leverage their critical CICS applications with Java today.
How can someone come up and promise the world to Newcastle then stab Kevin Keegan and the people of Newcastle in the back?
A minority, however, promise the world but, when their pet has recovered, or the situation has been resolved, deliver nothing.
The Liberals will promise the world and deliver mud - they have no idea how much their re-worked Conservative proposals will cost, but at least they admit this privately.
They will promise the world when visiting areas like Derby but as soon as they get back to London, they will cut your throat and enjoy doing it.