promise the earth

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promise (one) the earth

To promise one something that is not feasible or cannot be done. Your clients will come to distrust you if you keep promising them the earth and then inevitably fail to deliver.
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promise the earth

If someone promises the earth, they promise to give people things that they cannot in fact possibly give them. `Politicians have lost credibility,' he complained, `they promise the earth and don't deliver.'
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promise (somebody) the ˈmoon/ˈearth/ˈworld

(informal) make very big or impossible promises that you are unlikely to keep: He promised her the moon, but after ten years of marriage they hardly had enough to live on.
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IHAD to plead, cajole and promise the Earth to get my husband to Kent for a week's caravanning but it was so worthwhile once we got there.
They promise the earth, and they offer us ``bread and circuses''.
The "money is no object" pledge wasn't worth the press release it was written on and Mr Cameron has once again shown himself to be a snake-oil salesman who will promise the earth but deliver very little.
"The SNP promise the earth on public services, welfare, pensions and an oil fund off the back of oil and gas revenues - yet the OBR's figures make clear that revenue from the North Sea is declining now and over the long term."
What we need at every level of public life are professional politicians who promise the earth and deliver dust.
Some would say that to achieve it you need at least 873 products which promise the earth - like make you look 15 years younger, two decades firmer and a lifetime more interesting.
The White Swan Centre in Killingworth is asking people to make a small difference to their lifestyle to help protect the environment and promise the earth for United Nations World Environment Day on 5th June 2006.
"Many chairmen promise the earth and the stars, but Sam has put his money where his mouth is.
They will never be in power, so their candidate can promise the earth safe in the knowledge that his party will never have the responsibility of delivering results.
'A company like Connex can promise the earth, but if they can't deliver they're worthless.
I wonder who is now going to have the guts to take on a job with employers who promise the earth then refuse to make any changes and when things fall apart, make them the scapegoat.
Balls can't promise the Earth but he should be worried about responses to his big speech.
"These are vital services for people and it exposes the real truth about the SNP - they promise the earth in election campaigns but deliver cuts when they are in power."
But if you can't be bothered starving yourself and drinking foul mixtures that promise the earth and rarely deliver, there are other relaxing treatments.
Ed doesn't promise the Earth, he doesn't know what he will inherit come the election in 2015, but Labour will guarantee job prospects for the under-25s and better youth services.