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bring (someone or something) into prominence

To cause someone or something to gain attention, recognition, or popularity. The recipient or thing can be named between "bring" and "into." A national ad campaign like this will really bring you into prominence as a model. His theories were only brought into prominence posthumously, after a family member discovered them.
See also: bring, prominence

come into prominence

To gain recognition or fame. That artist didn't come into prominence until long after his death.
See also: come, prominence

bring someone or something into prominence

to cause someone or something to become famous or renowned. The award brought Mike into national prominence. The current national need for engineers brought our school into prominence. A terrible scandal brought Lily into prominence.
See also: bring, prominence

come into prominence

to become notable; to become renowned. She first came into prominence during the late forties, when she starred in a few movies. Wally came into prominence when he won the state championship.
See also: come, prominence
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Solar prominences follow the sun's magnetic field and can break off to form a coronal mass ejection (CME).
Hypothesis 3b: Consumers with strong face consciousness will be more likely to buy counterfeit luxury goods that have a high degree of brand prominence than those that do not have a high degree of brand prominence.
A notable arch prominence was on the NE limb on Sep 4 but was not present on Sep 5.
Solar prominences and filaments supply most of the material released in coronal mass ejections, vast eruptions from the Sun's atmosphere that can cause space weather and create geomagnetic storms on Earth.
S-Line is drawn from midpoint between subnasale (Sn) and Pronasale (Pn) to soft tissue pogonion (Pog) and lip prominence with reference to this line is assessed.
Life sciences supply company Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc yesterday announced that new Thermo Scientific Atlas Chromatography Data System (CDS) instrument control software is available for the Shimadzu Prominence and Prominence XR HPLC.
When it comes to fashion in newspapers, kings, queens, peasants and beggars of the industry seem to be getting prominence in newspapers, and often the peasants and beggars more than the royalty.
Prominences like this tend to be local to the Sun, and collapse after a few hours.
Summary: He rose to prominence at the time of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and the 1991 Gulf War when he was foreign minister.
Bart, a fourteen year old novice monk lives aboard a spaceship abbey, the Prominence which is orbiting in space.
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments of Columbia, Maryland, USA, has introduced the Prominence GPC high-performance liquid chromatograph, designed to deliver reliable analytical data in measuring the distribution of molecular weights.
A variety of application notes for the Prominence UFLC includes topics on xanthine derivatives, triarylmethane ink dyes and soft drinks.
But tobacco companies wouldn't put up a fight if they didn't know that prominence drives sales.
Shimadzu thrives on its excellent reputation for reliability and robustness and continues to lead the way in HPLC front-end systems with Prominence UFLC, its highly flexible, ultra fast, universally software-compatible LC system.
Shimadzu introduced its Prominence Ultra Fast Liquid Chromatograph (UFLC), which it states is up to 10 times faster than a conventional HPLC using a 5-[micro] particle column.