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bring (someone or something) into prominence

To cause someone or something to gain attention, recognition, or popularity. The recipient or thing can be named between "bring" and "into." A national ad campaign like this will really bring you into prominence as a model. His theories were only brought into prominence posthumously, after a family member discovered them.
See also: bring, prominence

come into prominence

To gain recognition or fame. That artist didn't come into prominence until long after his death.
See also: come, prominence

bring someone or something into prominence

to cause someone or something to become famous or renowned. The award brought Mike into national prominence. The current national need for engineers brought our school into prominence. A terrible scandal brought Lily into prominence.
See also: bring, prominence

come into prominence

to become notable; to become renowned. She first came into prominence during the late forties, when she starred in a few movies. Wally came into prominence when he won the state championship.
See also: come, prominence
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Finally, I consider the time-varying nature of interest rate prominence. Rate prominence is more strongly associated with nominal than with real interest rates, suggesting nominal illusion.
The overall accuracy of screw prominence across all-comers was significantly greater with the DT view (78.6%) compared to the lateral view (62.4%, p <.0001).
Hypothesis 3b: Consumers with strong face consciousness will be more likely to buy counterfeit luxury goods that have a high degree of brand prominence than those that do not have a high degree of brand prominence.
However, the assumption of a homogeneous magnetic field provides us a relatively simple mathematical model to study MHD waves in solar prominence. Several authors [6, 15, 16] used homogeneous magnetic field to study MHD waves in different regions of solar atmosphere.
A loop prominence was seen on the SE limb on Aug 20 which developed into a series of tall spikes on Aug 21.
Prominences are-relatively-cold gaseous features, with temperatures around 5,000 degrees Celsius compared to the surrounding the hot solar atmosphere of about 1-2 million degrees.
NEW YORK -- From increased prominence for vegetables to fresher frozen meals, retailers will be tapping into a range of food and beverage trends this year.
Summary: Billions of tonnes of material were thrown off the sun on Monday April 16, in a spectacular "solar prominence".
Summary: Thousands of Tunisians angered by the increasing prominence of ultra-conservative Islamists in a country only recently freed from dictatorial rule took to the streets in protest on Saturday.
In cephalometric and photographic analysis, several reference lines have been used to assess anteroposterior position of the upper and lower lips: E-Line and S-Line being the most commonly used reference lines Aim of this study was to find out the antero-posterior position of lips on photograph using E-line and S-line in patients with orthognathic profile and to establish correlation between lip prominence judged by E-Line and S-Line.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-March 22, 2011-Thermo Fisher Scientific releases new Atlas CDS control for Shimadzu Prominence HPLC(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Amazing video shot on Monday by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory shows a gigantic solar prominence erupting on the Sun.
Summary: He rose to prominence at the time of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and the 1991 Gulf War when he was foreign minister.
Bart, a fourteen year old novice monk lives aboard a spaceship abbey, the Prominence which is orbiting in space.