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project management

In business, the process of organizing, planning, and executing a particular project. You can take all the training seminars you want, but at the end of the day, project management is the art of getting things done with whatever resources you have.
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between jobs

A euphemism for "unemployed." A: "I'm just between jobs right now." B: "OK, you've been out of work for six months. It's time to start looking for a new job." Just tell the recruiter that you're between jobs. She doesn't need to know that you got fired!
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between projects

A euphemism for "unemployed." A: "I'm just between projects right now." B: "OK, you've been out of work for six months. It's time to start looking for a new job." Just tell the recruiter that you're between projects. She doesn't need to know that you got fired!
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between jobs

 and between projects
Euph. unemployed. Interviewer: Tell me about your current position. Job candidate: I'm between jobs right now. When Jill was between projects, she took a computer class at the community college.
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project into something

to extend into something. The end of the grand piano projected into the next room, but she had to have a grand, nonetheless. The front of the car projected into the flower bed when it was parked, but that was all right.
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project something onto someone

to imagine that someone else experiences one's feelings, especially one's guilt or anger. Since you project your anger onto your best friends, you imagine you have gathered a number of angry people around you. You should not project your feelings onto other people.
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project something on (to) someone or something

 and project something upon someone or something
to show a picture, such as from a film, transparency, etc., onto something, such as a screen, wall, etc., or even onto a person. Henry projected the pictures onto the screen as he discussed each one. The teacher had to project the slides upon the wall.
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When determining the estimated volume of material to be generated from the demolition of structures, the estimator must reference the volume and results of his organization's completed similar demolition projects and make necessary comparisons.
1] In 2003 we emphasized two aspects of this multidisciplinary, hands-on project--the importance of the final competition and project planning as a military operation.
shortage of skilled construction workers over the last decade, PLAs ensure major projects will not be delayed by a shortage of qualified workers, not to mention labor disputes.
To accomplish this objective, it is envisioned that a Construction Center would 1) conduct hypothesis-driven exploratory research related to occupational safety and health of construction workers; 2) develop, implement, and evaluate model programs for the prevention of illness and injury among construction workers; and 3) develop, implement, and evaluate translation projects for the adoption of new and existing knowledge into construction settings.
Products like the Pacific Edge Project Office Connector enable integration of critical project information from Microsoft Project so it can be utilized within other applications," said Burke Fewel, lead product manager of Microsoft Corporation.
The reductions in mill engineering staffs and greater reliance on suppliers to take on mill engineering projects go hand-in-hand, Sorenson observed.
That's when this manufacturer's CEO and CFO turned their attention to the benefits of developing a project management office (PMO) to pro vide at least two specific actions: portfolio management with project initiation, and project management methodology for controlling the portfolio of projects.
All academic institutions that are planning and implementing digitization projects confront issues related to selecting collections for digitization.
Information managers are familiar with project files as a subcategory of a type of office records usually called case files.
With the passage of legislation to improve service delivery to American Indians with disabilities, new American Indian vocational rehabilitation projects (Section 130) have been developed.
Group will now acquire all the CERs generated from these landfill gas projects.
Q&A is currently directing more large-scale corporate facilities development projects than any other project management firm in the tri-state area, the principals say.
The rate of demand for telecommunications services increases 10 percent to 12 percent annually, compared with overall economic growth of about 3 percent to 4 percent, so it's not surprising that telecommunications companies worldwide are looking at major expansion projects.
The different issues surrounding the concepts of economic viability and financial viability of BOT projects
We hope these new projects will build on the foundation laid by the EDRM, EDRM Metrics and EDRM XML projects, providing consumers and providers alike with greater guidance for their electronic discovery initiatives," said George J.