project onto

project something onto someone

to imagine that someone else experiences one's feelings, especially one's guilt or anger. Since you project your anger onto your best friends, you imagine you have gathered a number of angry people around you. You should not project your feelings onto other people.
See also: project
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Castaic High originally was planned on property at Hasley Canyon Road and Sloan Canyon Road, but community opposition pushed the project onto the Northlake site, between Interstate 5 and Castaic Lake, which is being developed by SunCal Companies.
The wall in the film becomes like a screen the viewer can project onto.
They must be divided into multiple sub-projects, each of these actually a large complex project onto itself.
Sometimes the tiny panes are empty, but occasionally we get a Rear Window glimpse of head or neck and project onto the scene whatever sly meaning comes to mind.
Delays in completing Borchard Road could dump traffic from the Dos Vientos project onto Lynn Road, which could be congested, she said.
Structural trends important to the ET Blue mineralization may project onto the Miranda properties.
Several of the large paintings from the '80s are accompanied by sketches painted on acetate, which Lichtenstein would project onto canvas, as in the Magna Study for Two Apples, 1981.
Williamson noted that the vote of 15 supervisors to not grant an easement has forced ATC to continue the process of moving the project onto private land to avoid the 1.
This acquisition will also lift the project onto a totally different level as RBC has new opportunities to develop and promote 'Company of the Year' awards.
In summary, it is considered that the Tuobuka Property hosts a 3 km strike length and a significant downdip portion of the favourable package of mineralized Proterozoic carbonaceous shales/slates which project onto the Tuobuka Property from the Boka property to the north.
The sxW1-LX not only gives our products the high-end image scaling we so proudly achieve in all our products, but also provides the unique ability to project onto curved screens with the exact wide-screen aspect ratio the movie theaters show, greatly enhancing the home theater viewing experience and is something you must see to believe," said Sam Runco, President & CEO of Runco International.
The VMS-1000 extends system performance by supporting flexible projector placement, the ability to project onto unconventional surfaces, and the ability to seamlessly blend projected images for wide-field-of-view presentations," said Mike Jones, President of Folsom Research.
The projector can easily be installed in multiple stack configurations in table or ceiling mounts, and can project onto any front or rear screen.
The projectors can easily be installed in multiple stack configurations in table or ceiling mounts, and can project onto any front or rear screen.
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