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project management

In business, the process of organizing, planning, and executing a particular project. You can take all the training seminars you want, but at the end of the day, project management is the art of getting things done with whatever resources you have.
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between jobs

A euphemism for "unemployed." A: "I'm just between jobs right now." B: "OK, you've been out of work for six months. It's time to start looking for a new job." Just tell the recruiter that you're between jobs. She doesn't need to know that you got fired!
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between projects

A euphemism for "unemployed." A: "I'm just between projects right now." B: "OK, you've been out of work for six months. It's time to start looking for a new job." Just tell the recruiter that you're between projects. She doesn't need to know that you got fired!
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between jobs

 and between projects
Euph. unemployed. Interviewer: Tell me about your current position. Job candidate: I'm between jobs right now. When Jill was between projects, she took a computer class at the community college.
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project into something

to extend into something. The end of the grand piano projected into the next room, but she had to have a grand, nonetheless. The front of the car projected into the flower bed when it was parked, but that was all right.
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project something onto someone

to imagine that someone else experiences one's feelings, especially one's guilt or anger. Since you project your anger onto your best friends, you imagine you have gathered a number of angry people around you. You should not project your feelings onto other people.
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project something on (to) someone or something

 and project something upon someone or something
to show a picture, such as from a film, transparency, etc., onto something, such as a screen, wall, etc., or even onto a person. Henry projected the pictures onto the screen as he discussed each one. The teacher had to project the slides upon the wall.
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During the estimating/bidding process, estimators must use several means and methods at their disposal to determine the closest approximate volume of material to be demolished and generated from any demolition project.
Additionally, the BattleBots Project successfully introduced the cadets to MDMP.
Under amendments to the Taft-Hartley Act 40 years ago project labor agreements were made legal.
To be funded, a Construction Center must have one project, either pilot or comprehensive, for each topic area (exploratory, prevention/intervention, and translation) that is judged to have significant and substantial merit.
Products like the Pacific Edge Project Office Connector enable integration of critical project information from Microsoft Project so it can be utilized within other applications," said Burke Fewel, lead product manager of Microsoft Corporation.
A rigorous series of steps leading to project approval requires front end loading of the engineering effort, with up to 40% of the engineering effort spent prior to project approval.
To control this portfolio, project management methodology works together with a proven life-cycle methodology for efficient project delivery.
In order to evaluate this model, the author used it to reconsider the first DLP digitization project, an internally-funded project to digitize the Lilly Library's Frank M.
Metro Rail project had become the largest public works project in the United States.
The Arizona Rehabilitative Services Administration has been involved in the development of service delivery systems to American Indians since 1963 through an RSA-funded Research and Demonstration Project which was located on the campus of Arizona State College (presently Northern Arizona University) (Powers, 1989).
For the year ended 31 December 2006 the Group will recognise revenue from the sale of verified CERs from a number of Principal, Agency and Project Development projects.
There's no question that a corporate relocation or redevelopment project benefits from the input of a professional project manager," says Raymond Quartararo, president of the firm.
Instead, the project needs to live on its own merits, as it is literally "lifted off" the balance sheet.
Fully updated and with the new title of "Public Private Partnerships: BOT Techniques and Project Finance", this essential text has been revised to include:
New for 2007-2008, the EDRM Code of Conduct project will focus on developing ethical guidelines for providers of electronic discovery services, akin to the guidelines under which attorneys, court personnel and the like operate.