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prohibit from

1. To use a position or power of authority to forbid someone or something from doing something. The principal prohibited us from setting up a stall in the school cafeteria to sell our cupcakes. The new law prohibits companies from firing employees for poor performance without issuing a series of formal notices first.
2. To prevent or preclude someone or something from doing something. Your history with that company prohibits you from consideration for the job, I'm afraid. Clear opposition from the majority party in congress prohibits a new healthcare bill from ever succeeding.
3. To use a position or power of authority to forbid someone or something from obtaining or achieving something. The new law would prohibit thousands citizens from the right to vote.
4. To prevent or preclude someone or something from obtaining or achieving something. While the study gives us an interesting indication, the small sample size prohibits us from a clear understanding of cause and effect. Dave's emotional issues have prohibited him from an intimate, meaningful relationship with anyone.
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prohibit someone from something

1. to prevent someone from doing something. The committee voted to prohibit people from leaving before the meeting was over. They prohibit anyone from being seated after the first act has started.
2. to keep someone out of some place. Our policy is to prohibit people from the beach area after dark. State law prohibits children from this dangerous area while the machines are running.

prohibit something from something

1. to prevent something from happening or from doing something. My mother prohibits me from going out with friends on school nights. Why do you want to prohibit the cars from traveling on this street during rush hour?
2. to keep something out of or away from something or some place. The law prohibited bicycles from the sidewalks. The city council prohibits unleashed dogs from the public parks.
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The Stark (physician self-referral) Law prohibits physicians from referring designated health services (DHS) to entities in which they have a financial interest.
[section]1818(e)(7)(B)), Coleman is hereby prohibited:
Fourth, the rule will require equipment, facilities, or production lines to be dedicated to nonruminant animal feeds if they use protein that is prohibited in ruminant feed.
The draft protocol calls for requests to investigate outbreaks to include "detailed evidence, and other information, and analysis that such an outbreak(s) of disease is not naturally occurring and is directly related to activities prohibited by the Convention" (6).
This year Republicans in Congress tightened the leash with a provision that would prohibit any agency that receives federal funds from handling restricted cases.
A unit of government may, however, prohibit or significantly limit a cannabis business establishment's location within its jurisdiction.
At the district level, policies that prohibit student AOD use vary by where and when they apply (Table 2).
* Prohibit relay operators from refusing calls or limiting the length of calls, or from intentionally altering a relayed conversation; and
Mountain bikes are prohibited from National Forest Wilderness Areas by the Wilderness Act of 1964 and a recent revision to the Code of Federal Regulations (36 CFR 261.16) that explicitly prohibits the "possession or use of a hang glider or bicycle." The National Park Service prohibits "wheeled vehicles" from its Wilderness Areas in Isle Royale and Yellow-stone.
When using IRA funds to invest in a business, an IRA owner needs to be aware of the Code's prohibited transaction rules.
The Federal Board of Revenue has directed the Collectors of Customs not to allow import of prohibited bores of weapons under the notification by the Ministry of Interior.
The Tax Court held that compensation received by a taxpayer from a limited liability company (LLC) that was almost entirely owned by the taxpayer's individual retirement account (IRA) resulted in several types of self-dealing prohibited transactions.
Summary: BEIRUT: The General Directorate of General Security announced on Monday that advertisement for medical herbs was prohibited. The directorate based its decision on Law number 90 of June 3, 2010, which prohibited media outlets from advertising for medical herbs and other products of a medicinal nature.
The Union home ministry has given its nod on his application for a licence to own weapons of prohibited bore.