progress to

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progress to (something)

To reach a particular destination or outcome. We've finally progressed to the approval stage for our application. Fingers crossed! The opioid problem has progressed to a nationwide epidemic.
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progress to something

to reach all the way to something or some place. The crisis has progressed to its final stage. Things had progressed to a serious stage where nothing more could be done for him.
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The improved performance/scalability, open flexibility, and increased capabilities announced today should allow Progress to deliver even better cost of ownership in both existing and new Web-service-oriented applications.
We've found Progress to be virtually bulletproof; our FACTS2000 systems just never go down.
com named Progress to the Global Top 20 ASP infrastructure providers, from the 2000 companies listed in the ASPnews Directory.
This new expansion also facilitates the diverse connectivity of the two previous networks, Caronet and Progress Telecom's Florida network, which were consolidated with the merger of CP&L and Florida Progress to form Progress Energy.
The ability for Progress to natively read and write XML has furthered our e-commerce objectives by enabling our applications to easily communicate and exchange information," said Bob O'Connor, vice president of technology for Robocom Systems International (NASDAQ:RIMS), a Progress Software ISV.
Over 2,300 Application Partners (APs), who use PROGRESS to develop packaged applications sold more than 1$ billion worth of PROGRESS-based applications to IS organizations worldwide in 1994.