progress to

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progress to (something)

To reach a particular destination or outcome. We've finally progressed to the approval stage for our application. Fingers crossed! The opioid problem has progressed to a nationwide epidemic.
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progress to something

to reach all the way to something or some place. The crisis has progressed to its final stage. Things had progressed to a serious stage where nothing more could be done for him.
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Dawson ended his courageous book Progress and Religion with a bold call: modern people must return to the religious roots of Western culture for true progress to prevail.
We did not suppose, however, low progress to be a source of well-being when goal difficulty is high.
The incidence of disease is driven by two sources: susceptible persons who become infected and quickly progress to disease (source 1) and latently infected persons who slowly progress to disease, often many years after the initial infection (source 2).
Uninfected-unvaccinated persons (X) are infected at rate [beta]T(t), and then either progress to active disease (T) immediately after infection with probability p, or progress to latent infection with probability 1 - p.
Thus, Callahan would happily sacrifice human progress to achieve his egalitarian dream.
But, Lapin has taken this adversity along with tradition head on and is helping Farm Progress to make waves in ag publishing circles.
If we allow progress to be defined by profit-driven CEOs, then the role the average human plays in progress will be little more than as the subject of consumer surveys and the target of marketing strategies.