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paper profit

A profit that one could receive for something that they have not sold yet. I only get excited about the money that's actually in my bank account, not paper profits.
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profit by (something)

1. Literally, to make money from something. I promise, you'll profit by this business venture. There are stacks of bills in your future.
2. To learn from some experience. Well, as long as you profit by this error, then it's not so bad, right?
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profit from (something)

1. Literally, to make money from something. I promise, you'll profit from this business venture. There are stacks of cash in your future.
2. To learn or gain something from some experience. Well, as long as you profit from this error, then it's not so bad, right?
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realize (something) from (something)

1. To come to some particular realization as a result of something else. I realized that she didn't love me from the look on her face. You should have realized from the way they were acting that they had no intention of honoring the agreement.
2. To achieve or obtain some profit or other gain as a result of some transaction or sale. We'll ensure you realize the largest possible return from your investment. The government realized a pretty sizable profit from the sale of its properties around the country.
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reap (something) from (someone or something)

1. Literally, to accrue or accumulate something from the harvest of something else. We were able to reap a huge bounty of corn from the fields this year.
2. To gain, obtain, or achieve something from some source. I'll ensure you're able to reap huge profits from this investment. The data we reaped from these computer caches will enable us to take down the terrorist cell once and for all.
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turn a profit

To make money; to make a profit from a particular venture. We're going to have to close the shop if we don't turn a profit again this quarter. We broke even again, but I think we will turn a profit next quarter.
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weave (something) from (something) else

1. To create something by weaving some material together. I learned how to weave a basket from reeds. They wove this beautiful tapestry from spider silk.
2. To concoct something, such as a story, out of some certain information. The scriptwriter wove a narrative from the diary entries of a young man who was stationed in Vietnam at the time. You should weave your stories from the interactions and events you've experienced in real life.
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weave (something) into (something) else

1. To use a particular material to create something through weaving. I learned how to weave reeds into a rudimentary basket. The team of specialists spent three years weaving the silk of over a million spiders into a stunning ceremonial cape.
2. To combine several distinct pieces or sources of information into a single cohesive story. The scriptwriter wove the testimony of everyone involved into a gripping legal thriller. I bet you'd be able to weave these diary entries into a beautiful novel.
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profit by something

 and profit from something 
1. Lit. to gain money from something. You will surely profit by investing in this stock. I know I will profit from this investment.
2. Fig. to learn from something. I am sure you will profit by your unpleasant experience. Yes, I will profit from my failure.
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turn a profit

to earn a profit. The company plans to turn a profit two years from now.
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* Consolidated sales at 16.142 trillion KRW, with operating profit down by 5.4% QoQ
Highest profit is shown by Adamjee at 4.05 billion (due to increase in UW results and high investment income.
The sector's net profit of QR984.99mn, constituted 4.69% of the overall net profits compared to 4.68% in the previous year period.
This is true for the companies which show small increase in reported profits and possibility of profit management must be considered seriously.
Researchers behind the claims state that a majority of the groups included on the list utilize telephone solicitation to gather a majority of their profits. Other techniques including mimicing the names of reliable charities and operating under the guise of buzz words such as "breast cancer" and "children's cancer," were also found to be a common.
Five major Saudi banks posted third-quarter net profits, three of which beat analysts forecasts, citing lower operational costs as well as increased income from banking fees and investments, the lenders said on Wednesday.
Cathay's branch in Shanghai has scored profits exceeding US$1.2 million to see profits rise to US$2 million by the end of the year.
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With more modest (yet still existent) profits are Stora Enso (1.07 percent margin), International Paper Co.
* Abandon altogether or substantially narrow the Reasonable Expectation of Profit (REOP) test included in draft legislation clarifying the deductibility of interest and other expenses.
One is whether the royalties are based on net profits or first-dollar-gross.
In regard to your June 26 article by Brian Farmer, "Behind the High Price of Gas," in which he defends the record profits of the oil companies, please consider:
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