profit by

profit by (something)

1. Literally, to make money from something. I promise, you'll profit by this business venture. There are stacks of bills in your future.
2. To learn from some experience. Well, as long as you profit by this error, then it's not so bad, right?
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profit by something

 and profit from something 
1. Lit. to gain money from something. You will surely profit by investing in this stock. I know I will profit from this investment.
2. Fig. to learn from something. I am sure you will profit by your unpleasant experience. Yes, I will profit from my failure.
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Such a student, if he be bright, will profit more by an experience like this than he could profit by all the books on sociology and economics that ever were written.
In return, it gained SR9.49 million in the previous quarter with an increase of profit by 7182 percent and the gross profit now reached SR697.83 million during the fourth quarter compared to a profit of SR26.20 million for the same quarter of the previous year after adjustment by a profit increase of 2563.57 percent.
But so far, most "integrated systems" are integrated in name only, remaining loosely affiliated units focusing on personal gain through successful competition, as opposed to seeking reasonable profit by responding to the public's wish for truly integrated delivery systems focused on patient care.
There may also be excess losses in the United States to offset profit from the intercompany transaction; issues involving foreign tax credits may militate toward maximization of profit by the U.S.
In the forecast period, let's say we anticipate increasing both sales and gross profit by 10%.
Would deeper sales penetration increase total profit by adding business that entails no additional fixed overhead?
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