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high profile

1. noun A presence or stance that is deliberately conspicuous and prominent socially. People only become true celebrities when they maintain a high profile both in their professional and private lives.
2. adjective Prominent in the perception of the public or one's peers in a particular field. In this usage, the phrase is usually hyphenated. The attorney has been involved in several high-profile cases, making him a household name.
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keep a low profile

To avoid drawing attention, scrutiny, or observation to oneself. A: "I haven't seen you in awhile—how are you?" B: "Oh, I'm fine, just keeping a low profile so I can finish my research by the deadline." It's hard for celebrities to keep a low profile when they go out in public.
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in profile

1. Seen from the side. I really hate the way my nose looks in profile. In profile, the two brothers look remarkably alike.
2. Presented as a detailed account of the person or thing. Most often used in article headlines. Global Corp. in Profile: An In-Depth Look at the World's Most Prolific Company Hero of a Nation: Tom Thomas in Profile
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*low profile

Fig. a persona or character that does not draw attention. (*Typically: assume ~; have ~; keep ~; give oneself ~.) I try to be quiet and keep a low profile. It's hard because I just love attention.
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keep a low profile

Stay out of public notice, avoid attracting attention to oneself. For example, Until his appointment becomes official, Ted is keeping a low profile. This expression alludes to profile in the sense of "a visible contour," a usage dating from the 1600s. [Late 1900s]
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a high profile

COMMON If a person, organization or activity has a high profile, they are well-known and people notice what they do. He will be thinking about his future now that he has such a high profile in the cycling world. It was expected that someone with a high profile would get the job. Note: You can also use high-profile before a noun. Experience in Australia has shown how effective a high-profile campaign can be in changing public attitudes. She works three days a week in a high-profile job as communications director for a top advertising agency.
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keep a low profile

COMMON If someone keeps a low profile, they avoid doing things that will make people notice them. The president continues to keep a low profile on vacation in Maine. The Home Secretary was keeping a low profile yesterday when the crime figures were announced in the House of Commons. Note: You can also say that you keep something low profile if you try to avoid attracting attention to it. They have been dating for a month and have kept everything very low profile. Note: You can also use low-profile before a noun. There is no need for the presence of any police officers. This is a low-profile event.
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keep (or maintain) a low profile

avoid attracting public notice or comment.
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adopt, keep, etc. a ˌhigh/ˌlow ˈprofile

try/try not to attract other people’s interest, attention, etc: If I were you, I’d try and keep a low profile until she’s forgotten about the whole thing.In the run-up to the elections all three candidates maintained a high profile.
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in ˈprofile

(of a face) seen from the side: In profile he’s got a nose like an eagle!
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in. to walk about and show something off; to walk carefully in a way that gets attention. (As if showing one’s profile.) Look at Albert profiling along! What a nerd.
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