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professional student

1. Someone in the process of earning a "professional degree"—one in a field like medicine, law, or education, for instance. We have a stellar group of professional students joining our program this year.
2. slang One who continues to pursue education instead of employment. I'm starting to worry that my son just wants to be a professional student forever and will never get a job.

professional victim

slang A derisive term for someone who claims to receive mistreatment from others, usually as a way to get attention. Boy, he's really the professional victim these days. What is he claiming I did to him this time?
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seek professional help

To request, pursue, or endeavor to obtain treatment or counseling from a psychologist or psychiatrist. At the intervention, we all urged her to seek professional help to deal with her addiction. There's no shame in seeking professional help if you think you're suffering from depression, Mike.
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seek professional help

Euph. to get psychiatric or psychological treatment. If you are seriously thinking of suicide, now is the time to seek professional help. His friends suggested that he seek professional help.
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Fascinatingly, female student peers perceived the professionally dressed students as more likely to find a job and to have a successful career than when the same students were dressed in a sexy outfit.
"A rapidly growing number of participants in plans of other sizes also take advantage of professionally managed investment options, but the prevalent usage of these options in small plans is especially encouraging."
Professionals who were professionally stressed also had higher prevalence of harmful alcohol use -- 5.9 times higher prevalence in comparison to those who were not professionally stressed.
However, professionally qualified people are a "must" in a post-crisis society.
Sent just days after The Sun switched its support to his party from Labour, it said: "I'm so rooting for you tomorrow not just as a proud friend but because professionally we are in this together.
"Too many people have experienced intrusive, expensive and stressful bailiff action and more often than not the public do not hold bailiffs in high regard, despite the fact most bailiffs carry out their work professionally," Mr Djanogly said.
Professionally managed assets:In the Middle East, professionally managed assets amount to roughly $1 trillion, or a quarter of assets in the region.
In the Middle East, professionally managed assets amount to roughly $1trn, or a quarter of assets in the region.
In another of its finding, the BCG report stated that in the Middle East region, the professionally managed assets amount to roughly $1 trillion, or a quarter of assets in the region.
Summary: DUBAI -- The value of professionally managed assets in the Middle East jumped by 10 per cent last year, higher than the global average of eight per cent, according to a report released recently by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will collaborate to build a platform-independent service that delivers professionally produced news and entertainment highlights to mobile devices.
"We decided it was only fair to have all 10 designs professionally printed and they will be displayed at key areas throughout the site during the next six months."
BUDDING artists got to see their work professionally framed and displayed when their school put on an exhibition.
Conclusions were that substitutes who systematically work professionally by diligently and flexibly adapting to any assignment earn respect while making substantial contributions to improved education.
COUNCILLOR Robert Light, leader of Kirklees Council has stated, both on TV and in the press, that an independent inquiry into the Shannon Matthews affair is needed so that the public may be reassured that Kirklees Social Services acted properly and professionally in the matter.
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