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professional student

1. Someone in the process of earning a "professional degree"—one in a field like medicine, law, or education, for instance. We have a stellar group of professional students joining our program this year.
2. slang One who continues to pursue education instead of employment. I'm starting to worry that my son just wants to be a professional student forever and will never get a job.

professional victim

slang A derisive term for someone who claims to receive mistreatment from others, usually as a way to get attention. Boy, he's really the professional victim these days. What is he claiming I did to him this time?
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seek professional help

To request, pursue, or endeavor to obtain treatment or counseling from a psychologist or psychiatrist. At the intervention, we all urged her to seek professional help to deal with her addiction. There's no shame in seeking professional help if you think you're suffering from depression, Mike.
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seek professional help

Euph. to get psychiatric or psychological treatment. If you are seriously thinking of suicide, now is the time to seek professional help. His friends suggested that he seek professional help.
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The importance of critical thinking and professional competency is equally important to military officers and law enforcement managers.
In addition, each ACA local office offers workshops and trainings that focus on various core areas essential to professional development, plus stuff you might just want to know--how to teach archery or horseback riding for example.
Parents will not understand the value of all that we do unless we tell them, and defining the value of our work at a professional conference reinforces that we are caring and committed educators.
Due to the many different realities of professional practice, the widely used term "mobility" is understood by professional geoscientists to mean many different things.
Technology is no panacea, but here are three examples of how computers, videoconferencing and databases can be mixed and matched with smart courses to provide high-quality and effective professional, development for the 21st century.
Earlier this year, the company sold its seven newsletters for behavioral health professionals to John Wiley & Sons.
Spousal participation: When determining eligibility for the real estate professional rules, there are special rules to account for services performed by a spouse.
RIM professionals who make an effort to keep up-to-date on trends, technology, and techniques bring added value to their organizations and gain visibility for themselves and their profession--both internally and in the business community--as they help their organizations be more successful.
To be a successful communication professional in the 21st century, a person must become a global thinker, with a broad view of sources of change.
The latest amendments to Circular 230, however, if left unchanged, will have the presumably unintended effect of subjecting in-house tax professionals to Circular 230's mechanical and burdensome requirements, even in respect of the most routine communications concerning the most routine matters.
Member coverage benefits through the professional liability insurance policy offered through HPSO are summarized at the right.
Professionals understand their circles of competence.
(Cecchetti) Professional training--Francesca Method Los Angeles County (818) 610-1091
Parents receiving difficult news report higher levels of satisfaction when the professional giving the news is compassionate, is empathetic, listens well, and does not appear tense or anxious (Nissenbaum et al., 2002).
Chiffert, P.E., managing member of AEC Engineering Design & Construction Services PLLC, was recently elected president of the New York chapter of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers, Inc., the founding society of the National Society of Professional Engineers.
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