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wear (one's particular profession's) hat

To act as one would in one's particular profession while in a different setting. Bobby, I know you're off duty, but can you please wear your doctor's hat for five minutes and tell me what's wrong with my arm? I don't want to have to go to the hospital. My wife was still wearing her judge's hat when she tried to intervene with our neighbor's arguing kids.
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the oldest profession

Prostitution. It's called the oldest profession, and it's probably true that it is!
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the oldest profession

the practice of working as a prostitute. humorous
Politics or the law is sometimes humorously awarded the status of ‘second oldest profession’, with the sarcastic implication that their practitioners are as immoral and mercenary as society traditionally considered prostitutes to be.
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I was making money at this business when, in an evil moment, I was induced to merge it in the Cur-Spattering -- a somewhat analogous, but, by no means, so respectable a profession.
The worst of this profession was, that I had to walk so much and so fast; and so frequently to vary my route.
In Rosamond's romance it was not necessary to imagine much about the inward life of the hero, or of his serious business in the world: of course, he had a profession and was clever, as well as sufficiently handsome; but the piquant fact about Lydgate was his good birth, which distinguished him from all Middlemarch admirers, and presented marriage as a prospect of rising in rank and getting a little nearer to that celestial condition on earth in which she would have nothing to do with vulgar people, and perhaps at last associate with relatives quite equal to the county people who looked down on the Middlemarchers.
I may regard my profession from a point of view which teaches me that its first duty is towards those who are in necessity and tribulation, who are desolate and oppressed,' said Mr.
However, as I have quite clearly satisfied myself that it is no part of my profession to make professions, I say no more of that.
So, another time--taking me as representing your opponent in other cases--you set up a platform credulity; a moved and seconded and carried-unanimously profession of faith in some ridiculous delusion or mischievous imposition.
Not to mention that you have advised me to study for the difficult profession of the law, specially, and that of course I am guiding myself by the advice of such a friend and helper.
Having called upon me as the eldest to answer, I, after urging him not to strip himself of his property but to spend it all as he pleased, for we were young men able to gain our living, consented to comply with his wishes, and said that mine were to follow the profession of arms and thereby serve God and my king.
That is not all; the money gained in the exercise of my profession I have distributed to the poor; I have been assiduous in attending church and those who formerly fled from me have become accustomed to seeing me.
Kenge with a tinge of melancholy in his smile, "one of those coincidences which may or may not require an explanation beyond our present limited faculties, that I have a cousin in the medical profession.
That's why a study was conducted to examine nursing student's perception towards nursing profession in Lahore, Pakistan.
In the consultation officesEoe1/4ao sector the Omanisation percentage to be 30% in the profession of engineers, 50% in the AutoCAD profession, 50% in the material supervision and control professions, 85% in land survey profession and 90% in administrative positions.
One of the IABC executive board's initiatives for 2007 is to explore the role of advocacy in the profession and in the association.
In fact, I belong to our great profession largely because of the help I received from others.
In a well-written and meticulously researched account of how the occupation of selling homes became realtors[R], Hornstein connects the study of a profession to the rise of the American ideology of home-ownership as a marker of social well-being and success in the first half of the twentieth century.