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make a production (out) of (something)

To make something much more elaborate, complicated, and/or difficult than it is or needs to be. We're just going for a drive into the countryside for the afternoon. I don't know why you're making a big production out of it. The bosses always like to make a big production of our weekly meetings, when they could just save us all the time and send the information in an email.
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on (the) production of (something)

Upon showing or presenting something. Guests will only be allowed inside on production of their invitations. You will be able to withdraw the funds on the production of government-approved identification.
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make a production of something

If someone makes a production of something, they make it seem much more complicated, difficult or important than is necessary. I don't know why we insisted on making such a production of these dinners, because by the time Julian arrived we were always exhausted. He made a production of brushing his hands clean on his pant legs. Note: A production here is something such as a play or a musical.
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make a production of

do something in an unnecessarily elaborate or complicated way.
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on production of something

(formal) when you show something: Discounts will only be given on production of your student ID card.
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The firm's Line Productions division will be targeting Bollywood Films Productions Companies, Hollywood Films Productions Companies for Line Productions in India, Advertising Agencies, International Advertising Groups, Viral Ad Films Productions, Digital Marketing Agencies for Viral Productions, Music Companies, Music Directors, New Singers, NGOs, Government Organizations, TV Productions Companies, General Entertainment Channels and Knowledge base channels.
As a threshold matter, taxpayers must determine whether their production activities are domestic or foreign sourced.
Cano studied a year of television production before getting into Confederation College's highly competitive film production program.
Diego estimates Ollin gets about 35% of Mexico's post production work, specializing in storyboard art, modeling, animation, texturing and illumination to create effects such as a digitally animated whale for a Banamex commercial and a dancing roll of bubble-gum-scented toilet paper for a Regio Kids commercial.
There's a certain irony to the fact that Lastman's travelling companion, outgoing Ontario premiere, Mike Harris, was the one partially responsible for this sizable growth in Toronto production with his government's policy of tax incentives and rebates for producers.
Large chunks of Petipa's La Bayadere (1877) are still with us, although the production we know is an amendment by Agrippina Vaganova in 1932.
She also assembles here one of the most extensive chronologies on Wilson published to date, along with painstakingly detailed act-by-act and scene-by-scene plot summaries and critical overviews of his plays, performance reviews, and data on various play productions. Shafer's system of classifying this material seems a bit complex: The prefix "A" identifies primary, non-dramatic references, listed alphabetically and annotated in her "Primary Bibliography"; "P" designates productions of plays listed in "Productions and Credits"; "R" serves as the prefix for reviews; and "S" identifies other secondary materials.
Picket of Hudson River Productions said Hudson River Studios is a perfect fit, not only for New York City, but for the SoHo district where it will be constructed.
KT: Yes, in Book of Kings, volume one, I focus on relations between men and women, not primarily on the political level but as relations of production, in particular in so-called artist couples.
productions. "There is just such an interest in our being here says Pancho Villa producer Tony Mark "They are prepared to bend over backwards for us.
Unions making too few concessions and rigid application of regulations and overtime rules in Los Angeles are a big part of what's chasing film production elsewhere.
With the advent of New York Studios, Hollywood blockbusters and television series could be produced start-to-finish in New York, saving producers time and money now wasted in transporting productions back-and-forth between New York and Los Angeles.
After thousands of productions and over one hundred years of performances in the United States, Nutcracker is as familiar as fruitcake during the holiday season.
Earlier this fall, the commission unveiled Ontario Northland (ON) Productions - its new video production house.
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