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make a production (out) of (something)

To make something much more elaborate, complicated, and/or difficult than it is or needs to be. We're just going for a drive into the countryside for the afternoon. I don't know why you're making a big production out of it. The bosses always like to make a big production of our weekly meetings, when they could just save us all the time and send the information in an email.
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on (the) production of (something)

Upon showing or presenting something. Guests will only be allowed inside on production of their invitations. You will be able to withdraw the funds on the production of government-approved identification.
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make a production of something

If someone makes a production of something, they make it seem much more complicated, difficult or important than is necessary. I don't know why we insisted on making such a production of these dinners, because by the time Julian arrived we were always exhausted. He made a production of brushing his hands clean on his pant legs. Note: A production here is something such as a play or a musical.
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make a production of

do something in an unnecessarily elaborate or complicated way.
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on production of something

(formal) when you show something: Discounts will only be given on production of your student ID card.
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Fruits Production is estimated to be around 98.57 million tonnes, compared to 97.36 million tonnes last year.
As per the statistics, in fruit crops, date palms accounted for 59,823 acres, with a total production of 368,808 tonnes while mangoes accounted for 3,587 acres, with a total production of 15,847 tonnes.
During the reporting period, the production volume in such spheres as clothing manufacture decreased by 0.1 percent, the production of other vehicles by 1.8 percent, the production of electrical equipment by 7.9 percent, the production of computer, electronic and optical products - by 8.8 percent, the production of metallurgical products - by 18.4 percent, the production of leather and leather goods, and footwear - by 27.7 percent.
* Joint venture PGM production (mined and purchase of concentrate) decreased 29% to 210,400 ounces due to Mototolo now reported as an own mine
According to latest data released by Pakistan Automobile Manufacturing Association (PAMA), the production of motorcycles increased from 601,939 units in July-March (2015-16) to 712,040 units in first nine months of the year 2016-17.
Operation Ratio and Production Capacity results are released with the revised results.
In March 2015 the seasonally adjusted Industrial Production Index decreased on a monthly basis by 2.4% in the mining and quarrying industry, by 0.6% in manufacturing, and by 0.2% in the electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply.
The latest statistics issued by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) indicated that the Sultanate's total production of electricity till the end of December 2014 reached 28755.8 GW per hour compared to the production recorded in 2013; which reached 26240.4 GW per hour, with an increase rate of 9.6%.
Although there are existing production methods that use plant sources, such as soybeans, it is difficult to produce large amounts at an economical price.
Anglo Platinum's refined output of metal for the first half of the year benefited from improved production levels and the processing of the build-up in its stores of untreated concentrates following the closure of its Polokwane smelter in the Limpopo province of South Africa during the fourth quarter of 2005, which resulted from a steam explosion at the plant.
This resulted in DoD's establishing an acquisition category (ACAT) ID program and approving the simultaneous start of engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) and low rate initial production (LRIP) in March 2001.
Amidst growing fears that General Motors, the world's largest car manufacturer, will go bust, Toyota Motor Company is rapidly expanding and on course to surpass GM in production this year.
THE PRINCETON GEOLOGIST Ken Deffeyes warns that the imminent peak of global oil production will result in "war, famine, pestilence and death" Deffeyes, author of 2001's Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage and 2005's Beyond Oil: The View from Hubbert's Peak, predicted that the peak of global oil production would occur this past Thanksgiving.
SAFC Biosciences, a member of the Sigma-Aldrich Group (NASDAQ: SIAL), and Vivalis, have announced the successful completion of the first stage of their on-going collaboration with the launch of their EX-CELL(TM) EBx(TM) platform, which includes EX-CELL(TM) EBx(TM) viral growth and production media.
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