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make a production (out) of (something)

To make something much more elaborate, complicated, and/or difficult than it is or needs to be. We're just going for a drive into the countryside for the afternoon. I don't know why you're making a big production out of it. The bosses always like to make a big production of our weekly meetings, when they could just save us all the time and send the information in an email.
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on (the) production of (something)

Upon showing or presenting something. Guests will only be allowed inside on production of their invitations. You will be able to withdraw the funds on the production of government-approved identification.
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make a production of something

If someone makes a production of something, they make it seem much more complicated, difficult or important than is necessary. I don't know why we insisted on making such a production of these dinners, because by the time Julian arrived we were always exhausted. He made a production of brushing his hands clean on his pant legs. Note: A production here is something such as a play or a musical.

make a production of

do something in an unnecessarily elaborate or complicated way.
See also: make, of, production

on production of something

(formal) when you show something: Discounts will only be given on production of your student ID card.
See also: of, on, production, something
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When the production air vehicles deployed earlier this year, the ACTD hardware had accumulated more than 5,000 hours of combat time and had built a reputation for effectively meeting unique global war on terror challenges.
A pillar of Toyota's success is the Toyota Production System (TPS).
As a threshold matter, taxpayers must determine whether their production activities are domestic or foreign sourced.
Several simulation companies tout their intelligent, agent-based software infrastructures for modeling design and production constraints when laying out new workcells and production lines, or when generating production schedules.
The production of business equipment, which fell 1.
casting, gray iron production has dropped from more than 12 million tons in 1979 to 6 million tons in 1998.
In the following sections, injection molding with the use of a pad will be described in more detail for the production of pharmaceutical stoppers.
This low-budget production led to the award-winning MOW Where The Spirit Lives in 1989.
Previously, if an independent factory or production price (IFP) existed for Possession Production Sales, taxpayers had to use the IFP method to determine the taxable income attributable to production activities in both the sale establishing the IFP and in sales of similar products.
It will contain production studios, post-production edit suites, a set construction shop, dressing rooms, warehousing, storage space and production offices, and will be constructed on top of the St.
Meanwhile, Sharp, the world's number one LCD TV maker, will expand its production capacity in Japan for high-end large screens, rather than shift production to China, where it has a joint venture with a local manufacturer that makes small- and medium-size LCDs.
Full rate production statutory and regulatory requirements, which were designed to assure meeting performance requirements before deployment, can delay efficient production and increase program cost.
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