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produce an attack

(of an illness) Go to an attack (of an illness).
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produce something for something

1. to make something for some purpose. This production line produces brackets for the installation of the circuit boards in the next production line. We produce the seats for the trucks that they assemble on the other side of town.
2. to bring something out for some purpose. Lee quickly produced a penknife for cutting the string on the package. Ruth can always produce the right tool for the job.
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produce something from something

to create something from something; to make something out of something. We are able to produce a high-quality writing paper from the scraps we trim off the edges of the books as we bind them. Jane produces an excellent jelly from the grapes she grows in her backyard.
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come up with/deliver/produce the ˈgoods

(informal) do what you are expected or have promised to do: You can depend on him to come up with the goods. If he says he’ll do something, he always does it.
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the individual husbandman, for example, producing for four, and labouring four times as long and as much as he need in the provision of food with which he supplies others as well as himself; or will he have nothing to do with others and not be at the trouble of producing for them, but provide for himself alone a fourth of the food in a fourth of the time, and in the remaining three-fourths of his time be employed in making a house or a coat or a pair of shoes, having no partnership with others, but supplying himself all his own wants?
Adeimantus thought that he should aim at producing food only and not at producing everything.
by a telescoped process, the words alone are now capable of producing similar emotions.
Thus speech is a means of producing in our hearers the images which are in us.
In the first place, there is no difficulty in producing a word, whereas an image cannot always be brought into existence at will, and when it comes it often contains much irrelevant detail.
You must remember," he said, "that supposing any one else stumbles upon the same trail as I have been pursuing, and suspicion is afterwards directed towards madame, your not producing that letter at the inquest will make it useless as evidence in her favour.
For another thing, parties that issue subpoenas should be aware that courts are much more willing to shift the costs of production from the responding party to the requesting party in cases where the requesting party has not sufficiently protected the producing party from "undue burden or expense.
The material for producing these diecast cars has changed, and the diecasting process has evolved to better replicate the intricate detailing of the cars.
Klebsiella pneumoniae producing a broad-spectrum [beta]-lactamase, KPC, has been described in tertiary care centers and other metropolitan hospitals in New York City.
However, Hinrichs says that if the set of reactions producing the propane were better understood, scientists might fine-tune it to turn organic matter directly into propane.
Deox--Aluminum in the form of various shapes, such as shot, cones, stars or pyramids, that are important in the steelmaking process as they remove excess oxygen from the molten steel, producing a stronger finished product.
Guayule is not only normally a tetraploid (although diploids, polyhaploids, triploids and octaploids all spontaneously occur), but it is also a facultative apomictic producing a mixture of seed types depending upon environmental conditions (ref.
In 2002 Kirin made use of a proprietary human artificial chromosome vector to introduce human antibody genes into bovine cells and, using Hematech's technology, created cows capable of producing human antibody proteins and bovine antibody proteins.
The discrepancy for electrons that backscatter with more than 50 % of their incident energy may be caused by these higher energy electrons having a greater probability of producing at least one photoelectron in a veto detector.
Jacobo Weizemblut, chief administrator of the Azucarera Yojoa sugar factory in San Pedro Sula, Honduras' second-largest city, says the outlook of producing biomass fuels in the country is looking up thanks to the cleanliness of the process.