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produce (something) from (something)

1. To bring something out of something and present it. She produced a brand new CPU from the bag and handed it to Matt. Dad produced one last present from behind his back for my birthday.
2. To create or fabricate something out of some other items or materials. The artist produces amazing collages from pieces of promotional materials that are discarded by local theaters around the city. Tom produced an exceptionally good meal just from the vegetables he grows in his garden.
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produce an attack (of some illness)

To trigger a sudden or acute onset of some illness or its symptoms. All of the dust in the air produced an attack of asthma. After living with epilepsy for so long, I've learned to recognize what will produce an attack.
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produce for

1. To make or create something for some person, group, company, etc. I've produced a number of art pieces for them over the years. We produced new website for the local library.
2. To make or create something for a particular purpose or occasion. They've asked me to produce a new play for the upcoming fringe festival. Our company produces safety equipment for companies all over Europe.
3. To present something to someone; to bring something out in order to give it to someone. He produced a rose for me on our very first date. Sarah produced a huge dossier for me less than an hour after I asked her for the report.
4. To present or bring out something for a particular purpose or thing. She reached into her bag and produced a brand new CPU for the motherboard. Halfway through the presentation, Bill produced printouts of the sales charts so everyone could follow along.
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produce an attack

(of an illness) Go to an attack (of an illness).
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produce something for something

1. to make something for some purpose. This production line produces brackets for the installation of the circuit boards in the next production line. We produce the seats for the trucks that they assemble on the other side of town.
2. to bring something out for some purpose. Lee quickly produced a penknife for cutting the string on the package. Ruth can always produce the right tool for the job.
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produce something from something

to create something from something; to make something out of something. We are able to produce a high-quality writing paper from the scraps we trim off the edges of the books as we bind them. Jane produces an excellent jelly from the grapes she grows in her backyard.
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come up with/deliver/produce the ˈgoods

(informal) do what you are expected or have promised to do: You can depend on him to come up with the goods. If he says he’ll do something, he always does it.
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* When issuing subpoenas insurers should be prepared for the likelihood that nonparties will demand that insurers pay the cost of producing electronically stored information.
The State of Colorado, the court held that the sale of assets acquired in a merger with another corporation in order to avoid antitrust problems produced business income.(33) The taxpayer was a large integrated oil company that was engaged in the business of exploring for, producing, refining, and marketing crude oil and other petroleum products.
At the show, the machine will have a triple head for producing HDPE shampoo bottles.
Some fraction of these neutrons downscatter, producing UCN which are confined by the material walls of the container if their kinetic energy is less than the effective neutron potential of the wall.
With our annual production of around 130,000 to 150,000 cars, our system works very well and leads to a cost position that is comparable to those with an annual output of 300,000 units." Schnepper then adds that should demand for the SMART increase so that they had to produce 300,000 units a year, that it would be "very difficult" to change to the conventional way of producing cars.
"Many people said it was impossible to make art paper on big machines-you could only make it on small machines producing 60,000 tons/year," said Jarvela.
With funding from industry and the federal Department of Energy (DOE), participants projected that they could have a pilot plant for producing hydrogen from nuclear power in place by 2010.
Then they hit the start button and the machines starts producing belts much faster than in the past.
Red Tomato handout materials address other values of producing and buying local foods.
Although the actual cost of producing a CGI series is comparable to traditional 2-D animated series, the initial capital outlay for equipment and development costs could not be recouped from this one series alone.
How did you make the leap from theory to practice, or, in this case, producing?
In Letter Ruling (TAM) 9209004, the IRS recently held that interest expense incurred to purchase stock in a worker's cooperative was property characterized as investment interest expense because producing regular corporate dividends; actual payment of regular dividends as not required.
The David Bell Mine is one of Canada's highest-grade producing mines.
New research using several strategies is improving on methods of producing antivenom and may soon make treatment of venomous bites and stings less expensive, less risky, and more effective.