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produce an attack (of some illness)

To trigger a sudden or acute onset of some illness or its symptoms. All of the dust in the air produced an attack of asthma. After living with epilepsy for so long, I've learned to recognize what will produce an attack.
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produce for

1. To make or create something for some person, group, company, etc. I've produced a number of art pieces for them over the years. We produced new website for the local library.
2. To make or create something for a particular purpose or occasion. They've asked me to produce a new play for the upcoming fringe festival. Our company produces safety equipment for companies all over Europe.
3. To present something to someone; to bring something out in order to give it to someone. He produced a rose for me on our very first date. Sarah produced a huge dossier for me less than an hour after I asked her for the report.
4. To present or bring out something for a particular purpose or thing. She reached into her bag and produced a brand new CPU for the motherboard. Halfway through the presentation, Bill produced printouts of the sales charts so everyone could follow along.
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produce (something) from (something)

1. To bring something out of something and present it. She produced a brand new CPU from the bag and handed it to Matt. Dad produced one last present from behind his back for my birthday.
2. To create or fabricate something out of some other items or materials. The artist produces amazing collages from pieces of promotional materials that are discarded by local theaters around the city. Tom produced an exceptionally good meal just from the vegetables he grows in his garden.
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produce an attack

(of an illness) Go to an attack (of an illness).
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produce something for something

1. to make something for some purpose. This production line produces brackets for the installation of the circuit boards in the next production line. We produce the seats for the trucks that they assemble on the other side of town.
2. to bring something out for some purpose. Lee quickly produced a penknife for cutting the string on the package. Ruth can always produce the right tool for the job.
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produce something from something

to create something from something; to make something out of something. We are able to produce a high-quality writing paper from the scraps we trim off the edges of the books as we bind them. Jane produces an excellent jelly from the grapes she grows in her backyard.
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come up with/deliver/produce the ˈgoods

(informal) do what you are expected or have promised to do: You can depend on him to come up with the goods. If he says he’ll do something, he always does it.
See also: come, deliver, good, produce, up
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Recently OPEC published a report indicating that Venezuela's approved and producible oil reserves have been increased from 99 billion barrels to 172 billion barrels and the country has taken Iran's position as the second largest holder of reserves in OPEC.
Second, the companies captured design and manufacturing knowledge before the two critical decision points in product development: when the design was demonstrated to be stable--the second knowledge point--and when the product was demonstrated to be producible at an affordable cost--the third knowledge point.
This economically producible molding press can mold rubber parts from two different elastomers without the use of a complex automation system, and yet retains a press configuration and footprint approximately similar to the company's existing presses.
"Ken is making the play more producible for today," says James MacArthur, son of Charles.
"It was unique because we became an integral part of their design effort and therefore had the opportunity to influence the ultimate part itself to make it more producible. We had a hand in designing fillets and other geometries to get the maximum properties needed to make the metalcasting process successful.
Often these proud authors were blissfully unaware that you needed more than a story for a ballet to be producible (some of them quite obviously believed that the dancers improvised the steps as they went along).
* Reserves - engineers' (conservative) opinions of how much oil is known to be producible, within a known time, with known techniques, at known costs, and in known fields.
Some types of hospital records, such as the plaintiffs own records and hospital policies and procedures, are clearly producible under the rules of pretrial discovery.
The automaker claimed to have achieved the first 'mass producible' driverless vehicle, but images released showed a USD40,000 array of lidar sensors on each vehicle, which may not translate well to mass production.
* Held that "certain metadata is an integral or intrinsic part of an electronic record." The opinion further states any metadata maintained by an agency as a part of an electronic record is presumptively producible under FOIA.
The Norway-based oil and gas company stated that the well has 'proven gas column of 33 meters and an oil column of 90 meters', and that the oil is expected to be producible.
As noted by designer Bill Brooks on the IPC TechNet listserv, "'High' producibility implies that the board is very producible, when in fact it should be referencing the 'least' producible condition ...
Turkey's producible oil reserves are estimated at around 39.4 million tons and natural gas reserves are 6.1 billion cubic meters.
ARSC, through its Hydra subsidiary, is developing high volume, mass producible hydrogen fuel cells.