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produce (something) from (something)

1. To bring something out of something and present it. She produced a brand new CPU from the bag and handed it to Matt. Dad produced one last present from behind his back for my birthday.
2. To create or fabricate something out of some other items or materials. The artist produces amazing collages from pieces of promotional materials that are discarded by local theaters around the city. Tom produced an exceptionally good meal just from the vegetables he grows in his garden.
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produce an attack (of some illness)

To trigger a sudden or acute onset of some illness or its symptoms. All of the dust in the air produced an attack of asthma. After living with epilepsy for so long, I've learned to recognize what will produce an attack.
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produce for

1. To make or create something for some person, group, company, etc. I've produced a number of art pieces for them over the years. We produced new website for the local library.
2. To make or create something for a particular purpose or occasion. They've asked me to produce a new play for the upcoming fringe festival. Our company produces safety equipment for companies all over Europe.
3. To present something to someone; to bring something out in order to give it to someone. He produced a rose for me on our very first date. Sarah produced a huge dossier for me less than an hour after I asked her for the report.
4. To present or bring out something for a particular purpose or thing. She reached into her bag and produced a brand new CPU for the motherboard. Halfway through the presentation, Bill produced printouts of the sales charts so everyone could follow along.
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produce an attack

(of an illness) Go to an attack (of an illness).
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produce something for something

1. to make something for some purpose. This production line produces brackets for the installation of the circuit boards in the next production line. We produce the seats for the trucks that they assemble on the other side of town.
2. to bring something out for some purpose. Lee quickly produced a penknife for cutting the string on the package. Ruth can always produce the right tool for the job.
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produce something from something

to create something from something; to make something out of something. We are able to produce a high-quality writing paper from the scraps we trim off the edges of the books as we bind them. Jane produces an excellent jelly from the grapes she grows in her backyard.
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come up with/deliver/produce the ˈgoods

(informal) do what you are expected or have promised to do: You can depend on him to come up with the goods. If he says he’ll do something, he always does it.
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Characterization of the chemical and antimicrobial properties of piscicolin 126, a bacteriocin produced by Carnobacterium piscicola JG126.
Tire reclaim was therefore by far the largest volume reclaim produced. New tires were also the largest market for reclaimed rubber.
Because the toys were produced and sold so inexpensively, the cars continued to be hot items during the Great Depression, and by the 1950s, the improved diecasting process greatly increased the quality of the toys.
Teuten and her colleagues say that they hope to determine where the new compounds are coming from and why they are being produced. The researchers are just beginning work to find out whether the compounds are toxic.
Pig Iron--A cast iron material produced in a blast furnace.
In the 23 June 2005 issue of Nature, Lovley announced the discovery of "nanowires," literally tiny wires produced by Geobacter, which the bacterium presumably uses to transfer electrons.
Nonetheless, as with crops produced essentially for starch, such as rice, wheat, corn and potatoes, etc., there is much to be said for increasing the biodiversity of commercial rubber production beyond H.
The large bottle should have produced a lower-pitch sound compared with the small bottle.
The energy detector produced an energy signal that was analyzed by a charge-integrating analog-to-digital converter (QDC) and a timing signal used to produce an event trigger.
In 2005, the country will produce 385,050 tons of sugar, a million bags more than produced a year earlier.
"As the V8 engine starts to be produced for the V8 Vantage, we will have this conundrum about the ideal volume mix between the V8 and the V12," says Main.
As far as the science books are concerned, ethanol is merely a form of alcohol, commonly produced from corn, that is mixed in with gasoline to provide transportation power.
We have added a new enterprise to the farm mix, sustainably produced vegetables, fruits, and flowers.
RFS refers to all renewable fuels, so not all of the growth would be ethanol, and not all of the ethanol would be produced from corn.
Today, nearly half the hydrogen produced in the world is derived from natural gas via a steam reforming process.