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on the prod

old-fashioned Having an antagonistic disposition; inclined to start trouble. Primarily heard in US. Some benefit from the structure of school or employment, but Jack gets to be on the prod if ever he feels cooped up or trapped in some way. We saw a group of drunken students on the prod outside of the local bar, so we decided to go somewhere else for our night out.
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prod at (someone or something)

To poke or jab someone or something, especially in a gentle or curious manner. Quit prodding at me—I'm awake, for Pete's sake! I don't know why you would prod at a hornet's nest and expect them not to attack you.
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prod into

1. To poke, jab, or thrust into someone or something. Someone's elbow kept prodding into me for the whole train ride. I would never get a tattoo—the thought of the needle prodding into my skin over and over again gives me the heebie jeebies.
2. To poke, jab, or thrust someone or something into some place or thing. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "prod" and "into." I used a metal rod to prod the books into the furnace. The guards prodded the prisoners into their cells with their batons.
3. To motivate, goad, provoke, or compel someone into some action, status, or situation. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "prod" and "into." Hearing everyone else's moving testimonies has prodded me into opening up about my own experiences a bit more. The attack has prodded governments from around the world into action against the regime.
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prod at someone or something

to poke at someone or something. The boys prodded at the prone body of the man to see if he was dead or sleeping. If you prod at the turtle, it will never come out of its shell.
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prod someone into something

to motivate someone into doing something; to provoke someone into action. Do I have to prod you into going? Can't you volunteer for once? We will prod her into getting it done on time.
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on the prod

looking for trouble. North American informal
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1. n. a reminder. She gave me a little prod about the report that is due Monday.
2. tv. to remind someone (about something). Stop prodding me about these minor matters.
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Tender notice number : MPPD/TENDER NO -138 & Work No: Prodder
Tender notice number : MPPD/TENDER NO -38 & Work No: Prodder
I have asked that the use of calves, electric prodders, flank straps, tail twisting and rope burning be specifically looked at within this work.
As said earlier Cuba is not just famous for the cigars or Castro but it is famous for tourism, and as one of the world's largest nickel prodders, sugar supplier, fish and coffee.
Warner RD, Ferguson DM, Cottrell JJ, Knee BW Acute stress induced by the pre-slaughter use of electrical prodders causes tougher beef meat.
To paraphrase Del Boy "This time next year, Prodders, we'll be millionaires
These technologies are developing at a very fast pace which often create serious problems for the service prodders as well as the users.
Acute stress induced by the preslaughter use of electric prodders causes tougher beef meat.
In his memoir, Hitchens accepts the honor of being associated with such prominent nonbelievers as Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett, warriors against "the literally lethal challenge" from those of "absolute certainty" and prodders of those "hesitating to defend the society that makes their existence possible.
Whether the approach to critical thinking outlined above (or a similar procedure) can be effectively realized at home without parents morphing into Motherly Martinets or Paternal Prodders is an aspect of the matter worth taking to heart.
After a lifetime spent on the peripheries of politics--as the daughter of an elected official, tired of being poked and prodded--I attempted to join the pokers and the prodders, but I simply don't have it in me.
The book describes women mentors as good listeners, essential role models, nurturers and prodders, teachers, and facilitators--all aspects of mentoring that have been identified by prior research.
The group use dolly pegs made into prodders and create their work using clean Hessian and old rags.
Far from being the timid prodders of early season mishaps Linfield can now be considered genuine cup contenders.