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procure something (from someone or something) (for someone or something)

to get something from someone or something for someone or some purpose. I will procure a copy of the paper from Kelly for you. I have to procure a book for my sister.
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The team was also responsible for procuring the buyer, RJR Builders, LLC of Danbury, Connecticut.
Although the procuring agency signs the contract, the IG said, "As the prime contractor, SBA has ultimate responsibility for ensuring that companies comply with 8(a) BD regulations.
The model is also based on the number of labs interested in procuring a particular publication.
So in effect, time invested administering contracts equate to time lost procuring new purchase requirements.
Activity Code: P2-SWE-202 This activity aims at procuring the necessary support to the administration and operations of the ICT infrastructure deployed in the SWE centres.
Neither the statutes in New York state nor a statute in any other state is there a definition for procuring cause.
Have results been measurably better than previous turnaround times for procuring such items?
To help ensure the success of this new program, MTMC has developed a regional structure for procuring transportation services in these contracts.
Gibson, 41, is charged with three counts of pimping and four counts of pandering by procuring, charges that could send her to prison for up to 17 years.
com/reports/c45101) has announced the addition of Video Leadership Seminars: Procuring and Enforcing Patent Rights with Marc Kaufman of Nixon Peabody LLP to their offering.
Major (Retd) Umer Farooq, the progressive grower and one of the leaders of Sindh Abadgar Board informed reporter that the government is procuring only fifth of the total wheat crop while remaining wheat is being sold in the open market.
New Delhi -- Indian troops stationed at the Siachen Glacier can look forward to better resource mobilisation as the Indian Air Force (IAF) is procuring 12 new light helicopters for deployment there, Indian media reported on Sunday.
The IAF proposal to issue a global tender for procuring these aircraft was cleared.
In a recent case, a broker sued to recover a commission claiming that it was the procuring cause of the sale of certain property.
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has recently updated on its website the process of procuring under Project BioShield therapies to treat ARS, indicating that it anticipates releasing by July 2005 a draft Request for Proposal (RFP) (http://www2.