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procure (something) for

1. To seek something out and obtain it on behalf of someone else, especially when it requires a special effort to do so. I was wondering if you could procure a bit of weed for me and my friends. Did you manage to procure the dossier for me that I requested?
2. To seek something out and obtain it for some particular purpose. We need to procure some information about the region's mining history for a report we're writing. Because it has not been approved for medical use, procuring the experimental drug for the treatment of his seizures has always been an expensive and risky endeavor.
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procure (something) from (someone)

To seek something out that someone else possesses or has access to and obtain it from them, especially when it requires a special effort to do so. I've been trying to procure tickets to the concert from my brother-in-law. Did you manage to procure that dossier from the president's assistant?
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procure something (from someone or something) (for someone or something)

to get something from someone or something for someone or some purpose. I will procure a copy of the paper from Kelly for you. I have to procure a book for my sister.
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"The charge alleging an attempt to procure murder should never have been laid," Paul Mabey said.
Along with reducing costs, Yardi Procure to Pay has significantly improved efficiencies for PRG.
Minister Gonul said that the Committee decided to procure cargo helicopters from the U.S.
He was also charged with administering poison to procure a miscarriage on February 2, 2008, which he unlawfully administered to Ms Prowse, and two further charges of attempting to administer poison with intent to procure a miscarriage dating from February 7 and February 8, 2008.
The Government should pay its part in how it procures food."
Chemtura is also pursuing even more registrations for our powdery mildew fungicide, Procure, in leafy vegetables which we hope to have in 2007.
In turn, libraries were finding it difficult to procure alternate resources due to limited funds.
About $13.8 million of the funding announced last week will be spent to procure and install 3:2 pressure sensors on the seafloor to detect passing tsunamis and measure their heights in the open ocean.
Each year billions of Department of Defense (DoD) dollars are spent using non-DoD contracts to procure supplies and services.
Therefore, we can infer that performing contract administration in this cradle-to-grave environment emerges mostly as a distraction and a hindrance to the primary goals of the contracting office, which are to procure more contracts to fulfill those highly visible metrics.
Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) stated in a report that reverse auctions should not be used as a means to procure construction services.
In part, the legislation would expand the small business set aside as follows: (1) Federal Supply Schedule Items--The head of an agency procuring items listed on a federal supply schedule in a total amount not in excess of $100,000 shall procure the items from a small business; (2) Other Property and Services--The head of an agency procuring property or services not listed on a federal supply schedule in a total amount not in excess of $100,000 shall procure the property or services from a small business registered on PRO-Net or the Centralized Contractor Registration System.
The "good-looking" Lemenager, an unemployed nineteen-year-old, did not know if some of the individuals named by Foucault "procure themselves to men" because he had never been "in a party" with them, although he had, evidently, attended other such gatherings (14 April 1780).
The first aid category has an untapped demand for effective formulas that are free of potentially harmful ingredients With its new PROcure line, Profoot Inc.
This year, he said that the government had decided to procure about 6.1 million tons of the grains to fulfill the domestic requirements as well as for keeping the strategic reserves to tackle with any unwanted situation in the country.