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proclaim (something) from the rooftops

To share some news or information publicly and with as many people as possible. I was ready to proclaim from the rooftops that we'd be having a baby, but my wife wanted to wait for a while before we made the news public. I know you want to proclaim it from the rooftops that you came in first in your class, but you should think about how it might make the other students feel and have a bit of modesty about it.
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proclaim (or shout) something from the housetops

announce something publicly.
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Eclipse's Proclaim software was the obvious choice, not only as the market leader, but also as the Law Society's sole endorsed provider.
Ringrose will adopt Proclaim Client inception with its CRM tools, and this will boost the business processes within Ringrose in addition to enhancing workflow.
Second, we proclaim our trust in Jesus when we find the courage to tackle the most difficult questions, including such chestnuts as the problem of evil.
Persons are free to proclaim God in their insufficiency--on their way--in the promise of God's future redemption.
Indeed, when Jesus reads the scroll from Isaiah in Luke 4:18, the Good News he proclaims for the poor is a liberation from all the injustices imposed by the wealthy and prosperous.
The personal encounter with him does not leave one indifferent, but stimulates imitation: 'What I say to you in the darkness, speak in the light; what you hear whispered, proclaim on the housetops' (Mt.
In only 157 pages, Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land touches on many if not most of the key figures and events that have shaped the American church-state landscape over the past 400 years.
government proclaims its right to intervene unilaterally against any country that threatens its security.
Flies crawl across a sleeping baby's face; a massive unemployment line unfurls beside a building inscribed with the graffito "Wahlt Hitler" (Vote for Hitler; the year is circa 1933, the place, Hannover); a child writes "Streik" (Strike) at the bottom of her exercise book; a sign at the edge of a wood proclaims, "Juden sind in unsern deutschen Waldern nicht erwunscht" (Jews are not wanted in our German forests); peddlers hawk lemons, shoes, chestnuts, anything they can.
Without furhter consent from Congress, the president was authorized to proclaim forest reserves anywhere on the public domain.
Virtus Law Ltd will be implementing a ready-to-go Proclaim Personal Injury solution enabling a secure and instantaneous approach to matter management.
Then, we too are sent to proclaim, in season and out.
In 2001, the group drafted a proposed Federal Marriage Amendment that would proclaim, "Marriage in the United States shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman.
In June 2002 more than 300,000 people gathered at the Vatican to see the Pope proclaim Padre Pio, a mystical monk who had bleeding wounds like Christ in his hands and feet, a saint.
Once again we can proclaim that our objective is nothing less than to bring humanist values into the social mainstream.