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in process of time

As time passes; at a later time. So we'll wrap your foot for now and see how it feels in process of time.
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in the process of (doing something)

Having started some activity without yet having finished it. I'm just in the process of filing your tax return now.
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trust the process

Have faith that everything will work out as planned. The phrase has become uniquely associated with the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team and its effort to rebuild after a string of poor seasons that allowed the acquisition of several high draft picks (one of whom, Joel Embiid, has been nicknamed "The Process" by extension). I know it looks bad now, but it'll all work out. Just trust the process.
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in the ˈprocess (of doing something)

1 while doing something: In the process of cleaning the furniture, I found six coins.He was supposed to be cutting my hair, but he nearly cut off my ear in the process.
2 in the middle of doing something: We’re still in the process of trying to find somewhere to live.
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Despite claims to the contrary, academic libraries are internally focused--choosing and planning work priorities based on present competence, traditional work processes, and limited resources.
Streamlining activities, per se, do not require decisionmakers to question the overall effectiveness of a process, although most streamlining activities lead naturally to questions regarding whether or not processes are producing desired or needed outcomes.
As a result, customer processes create new or additional value for Wal-Mart's customers that translates into financial gains for its stores.
Streamlining of services and payment processes were topics of concern.
At the same time, it also addresses operational processes in enough detail to allow informed decisions for the questions being asked.
They track and schedule processes with historical comparisons and employ performance alerts driven by integrated benchmarking.
Mezirow's (1991, 2000) transformational learning model provides a useful theoretical framework for evaluating transformational learning processes in service-learning.
By bringing together the processes and the content, insurance organizations can gain a greater degree of internal transparency.
* Describe the processes that take pulp and turn it into paper and paperboard
Thanks to broad employee involvement, open communication, and a tiered process for input, South Seattle Community College and Daytona Beach Community College have achieved successful budgeting processes. Even in tough times, both institutions have found ways to clarify goals and assign resources accordingly.
This requires not just a low-cost provider but one with knowledge of world-class claims processes, along with the tools and technologies to deliver that performance on a continual basis.
Selected elements from Flower and Hayes' (1981) process-oriented model, generating information for the composition and organizing information retrieved from memory, were emphasized as planning processes to guide teacher education students' writing.
A supplier claiming to be Level 3 is no guarantee that the project within the supplier's organization is following the organization's processes. The only way an acquirer has to determine that the people actually doing the work are following mature process is to do a SCAMPI "B" or "C" assessment of the supplier.
Key to PLM is information technology (IT) to manage the data and to perform the associated business processes effectively, making both data and processes available to users within a company and throughout the supply chain.
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