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in process of time

As time passes; at a later time. So we'll wrap your foot for now and see how it feels in process of time.
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in the process of (doing something)

Having started some activity without yet having finished it. I'm just in the process of filing your tax return now.
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trust the process

Have faith that everything will work out as planned. The phrase has become uniquely associated with the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team and its effort to rebuild after a string of poor seasons that allowed the acquisition of several high draft picks (one of whom, Joel Embiid, has been nicknamed "The Process" by extension). I know it looks bad now, but it'll all work out. Just trust the process.
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in the ˈprocess (of doing something)

1 while doing something: In the process of cleaning the furniture, I found six coins.He was supposed to be cutting my hair, but he nearly cut off my ear in the process.
2 in the middle of doing something: We’re still in the process of trying to find somewhere to live.
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Actual completion time of 50 percent of the applicants hired were processed in 30 days or less.
But cost, anticipated future requirements, and type of material being processed are also key considerations for dryer size.
Figure 5 presents photomicrographs obtained from NR/SBR simple blends processed using each approach.
After one of these treatments, the chips are washed with highly purified water and then additionally processed with isopropyl alcohol to dry the chip's surface.
* volume of castings to be processed in a given time.
This article will limit the discussion to areas where the scrap rubber is processed into "reclaim" for use back into similar products where it imparts its resilient elastic properties.
As shown in exhibit 1 above, productive capacity is measured by dividing total units processed during a time period by the processing time.
Foundry sands containing a large percentage of fines must be processed to meet concrete and asphalt mix design requirements.
* The ZSK produces efficient shear stress transfer into the materials being processed due to the higher surface area to volume ratio than available with batch mixers and the design of the mixing elements.
Typically, these markets will replace a percentage of their conventional fine aggregates with processed foundry sands.
Several different compounds have been processed and the results such as output rate, specific energy and compound temperature are plotted as a function of screw speed of the planetary gear extruder.