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proceed against (someone or something)

1. Of a soldier or group of soldiers, to advance against an enemy unit in combat. We proceeded against the enemy encampment as planned, striking at exactly 2 AM. Our squad was ordered to proceed against the soldiers protecting the border.
2. To move forward with legal action against someone or something. The human rights group confirmed that its lawsuit is proceeding against the government after a judge threw out a motion for dismissal. She indicated that she wished to proceed against the neighbor who was responsible for the damage to her property.
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proceed from

1. To leave or depart from some location. If you proceed from the train station for one mile, you should reach an intersection beside a large apple tree.
2. To originate, stem, or have developed from something. Most of the company's financial woes proceeded from a particularly unfortunate corporate takeover in the early '90s, which saddled them with massive amounts of debt.
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proceed with

To begin, continue, or move ahead with some action or undertaking. Now that we have secured planning permission from the city, we can proceed with construction as planned. After the squatters' appeal was overturned by the Supreme Court, the company proceeded with evicting them from the empty warehouses.
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proceed with something

to move ahead with something; to continue something. Now, we will proceed with the reading of the minutes of the last meeting. When will you proceed with the needed action?
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proceed from

1. To set out or embark from some place: We proceeded from the bus station toward our hotel.
2. To have something as an origin or cause; have developed from something: Most of our mistakes proceed from carelessness.
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proceed with

To begin or continue some action or process: The company proceeded with its plan to fire the workers, despite opposition from the union.
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The inquest's conducting officer Faten Hadni Khairuddin told the court that the application to postpone the inquest proceedings filed by the family's lawyers should be made at the High Court, and not in the Coroner's Court.
provides for cross border insolvency proceedings where a foreign element is involved (elaborated on further below).
Following which Sheikh Fayyaz-Ud-Din announced to boycott the house proceedings along with the opposition parties members.
The counsel also drew the attention of the court to Article 209(5)(6) of the Constitution where it had been clear in its language that the SJC proceedings could not commence until the council prime facie was of the view that the judge was 'guilty of misconduct'.
Asked if he would ask for a halt order on the proceeding at the House of Representatives, Calida insisted that the quo warranto proceeding is different from the impeachment.
For the purposes of this Law: (a) 'Foreign proceeding' means a collective judicial or administrative proceeding in a foreign State, including an interim proceeding, pursuant to a law relating to insolvency in which proceeding the assets and affairs of the debtor are subject to control or supervision by a foreign court, for the purpose of reorganization or liquidation ...".
[begin strikethrough](4) Any "pooling" arrangements among the media required by these limitations on equipment and personnel shall be the sole responsibility' of the media without calling upon the presiding judge to mediate any dispute as to the appropriate media representative or equipment authorized to cover a particular proceeding. In the absence of advance media agreement on disputed equipment or personnel issues, the presiding judge shall exclude all contesting media personnel from a proceeding.[end strikethrough]
bankruptcy judges utilized cross-border communications with the foreign court presiding over the foreign insolvency proceeding. The U.S.
The Court holds that the Funds have not identified a way in which they can "use" the evidence they sought in any of the ongoing foreign proceedings. According to the court, "Without some means of injecting the evidence into the proceeding, a [section] 1782 applicant cannot show that it has a role in the proceeding, such that it may 'use' the information, or, as we have recently said, employ it 'with some advantage.' Mees v.
On August 24, our acting chairman, Dan Goelzer, asked Congress to amend the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, so that PCAOB disciplinary proceedings will be public.
Focusing the court's attention on the individual facts of the current proceeding.
Nwofor (SAN), urged the court to stay further proceedings in the matter pending the hearing and determination of separate motions they filed at the Lagos and Abuja Divisions of the Court of Appeal.
LAHORE -- Daughter of former premier Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz, demanded on Wednesday live broadcast of the corruption proceedings under way against them at the accountability court in Islamabad.
Makhdoom Ali Khan, counsel for Justice Siddiqui contended before the apex court that in-camera proceedings of misconduct against judges stigmatise their reputation and pleaded for an open trial.
Instead of using gavel during court proceedings, the courtrooms in the country will now Drilbu to signify the beginning, ending, recess or adjournment of court proceedings.
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