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probe into something

to investigate something. The police will probe into the matter and report to the commissioner. We will take some time and probe into that for you.
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probe something for something

to poke around in something for something. He probed his memory for some clue as to where he had been on that date. Sam probed the darkened space for the tool that he had mislaid.
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Most probes are designed to match the inputs of specific oscilloscope models.
A prototype implant developed by Wise and his Michigan colleagues Mayurachat Gulari and Jianbai Wang includes piezoelectric sensors in the probe.
Instead, a fiber-optic probe inside the extruder die connected to a spectrophotometer with a CCD sensor outside the extruder provides the first commercial system for real-time, on-line monitoring of color in the melt stream.
Because the probe, or stylus, on a scanning CMM is in constant contact with the surface of the object being measured, there are more points obtained.
A review of a consecutive series of 334 pharyngeal-positive pH studies at our center demonstrated that 126 (38%) had normal esophageal acid exposure times in the esophageal probe.
Periodontal probes are marked in the following increments:
According to Patterson, the probes are designed to be used in conjunction with the types of covers industry typically uses for these wastes.
Three of the probes discussed are under Jan Ludwinski's care.
Engineers who already own Tektronix active probes can use Agilent oscilloscopes without having to purchase new probes.
The most commonly administered probe is a radioactive version of glucose that reveals tumors, which take up more of this nutrient than regular cells do.
When a tool or part is placed within the measuring area, usually on a table, the probe is moved along the object's surface by servo motors, either manually or under automatic control.
The System Navigator Pro series provides a high-performance, dual-mode trace probe with trace bandwidth over 20 Gbps and a high-speed trace buffer that can collect up to 2 Gbytes of trace data.
BOB, BOB BOBBIN' A global fleet of drifting probes that monitor conditions in the top layers of the ocean is giving ocean scientists a taste of what's to come.
However, too much reduction can lead to problems - you could lose proper support for the manifold or probes, or the seals might leak.
New Probe Card Platform Designed to Address Advanced Technology Requirements and Lower Overall Cost of Test for High-Performance, High-Density DRAM