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probe for

1. To inquire of or interrogate someone for some information. The detective has been probing the suspect for info about the criminal organization. I wish you wouldn't probe me for details after every date I go on!
2. To search some place or thing for something, especially when one does not have a clear idea of where to look. Let me probe the cupboard for something to eat. We'll need to probe our emails for the document you're looking for.
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probe into (something)

To begin inquiring into or investigating something. Regulators are probing into the company's records to see what led to its collapse and the knock-on effect that had on the global economy. I've been asked to probe into the incident and see what I can find.
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probe into something

to investigate something. The police will probe into the matter and report to the commissioner. We will take some time and probe into that for you.
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probe something for something

to poke around in something for something. He probed his memory for some clue as to where he had been on that date. Sam probed the darkened space for the tool that he had mislaid.
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In Ordonez's view, Prober should stop trying to criminalize sex and instead work to ensure kids of all ages get enough sex information, especially in schools, at home and inside youth shelters, to keep them from being exploited.
Prober, who is also a professor of pediatrics and of microbiology and immunology at Stanford University.
The system combines the material handling and pattern recognition of automatic probers with the accuracy, stability and individual probeheads of analytical probers.
3-micron process with probers from the world's leading manufacturers, the 2100 is the most cost-effective solution for our global customers.
Following in the tradition of technology leadership, TEL has recently introduced Precio[TM], their latest generation of 300mm wafer probers designed to lower test cell cost-of-ownership while providing maximum flexibility for the dynamic requirements of wafer testing.
Trends in the wafer testing market dictate that a variety of advanced prober capabilities be available to deal with fine pitch wafer processes, increasing functionality and content of devices, higher density of devices per wafer, and advances in packaging technologies.
We anticipate that the advanced technology in this prober, such as active vibration control, will continue to provide performance advantages for our current and future applications.
MUNICH, Germany -- SUSS MicroTec AG (FWB:SMH) (GER:SMH) has introduced the latest innovation of the BlueRay(TM) probe system, a high-throughput wafer prober capable of testing up to 70,000 dies per hour.
ESI's Model 2100 offers a revolutionary approach to thin-film trimming -- designed in cooperation with industry-leading prober manufacturers, it allows customers to integrate their TFOS solution with the tester and prober of their choice, thus realizing significant technology, flexibility and cost advantages.
Integrated with TEL's 300mm fully automatic wafer prober, the P-12XLm, the new system provides users with off-line, high speed probe mark inspection analysis.
The Model 2100 laser trimming system has been integrated with tools from leading test and prober manufacturers to provide competitive technology and cost advantages.
Nasdaq:EGLS), a leading supplier of wafer probers for the semiconductor industry, today announced the introduction of the EG6000e - a fully automatic 300mm parametric wafer prober designed for high throughput, low noise measurements.
KVD Joins Growing List of Leading Industry Test and Prober Manufacturers with Products Integrated onto ESI's 2100 Platform
ESI (Nasdaq:ESIO), a leading provider of world-class production laser systems for microengineering applications, today announced its Model 2100 thin-film-on-silicon (TFOS) family of laser trimming systems have been integrated with tools from leading test and prober manufacturers, which include: ACCRETECH, Credence Systems Corp.
The victim's severed body parts were found by probers at their house.