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These marks tell when a die has been probed, useful in post-probe inspection.
Class I--the furcation can be probed to a depth of 3 mm.
The blue trace shows the signal before it was probed and is the same in both cases.
Fab-processed 200-mm wafers with electrically shorted bond pads were probed at a 2-mil overtravel, and the [C.sub.RES] values between pin pairs at each touchdown were measured and recorded using a custom test program.
These factors are affected by the prober as well as the probe card, the amount of overtravel used to ensure good electrical contact, and the number of times a pad is probed. Positioning accuracy is measured in single-digit microns, which underscores the need for high mechanical stability.
More importantly, the manufacturer's bandwidth specifications are for the bare probe; they do not include degradation caused by any clips or accessories necessary to attach to the point being probed.