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probe for

1. To inquire of or interrogate someone for some information. The detective has been probing the suspect for info about the criminal organization. I wish you wouldn't probe me for details after every date I go on!
2. To search some place or thing for something, especially when one does not have a clear idea of where to look. Let me probe the cupboard for something to eat. We'll need to probe our emails for the document you're looking for.
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probe into (something)

To begin inquiring into or investigating something. Regulators are probing into the company's records to see what led to its collapse and the knock-on effect that had on the global economy. I've been asked to probe into the incident and see what I can find.
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probe into something

to investigate something. The police will probe into the matter and report to the commissioner. We will take some time and probe into that for you.
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probe something for something

to poke around in something for something. He probed his memory for some clue as to where he had been on that date. Sam probed the darkened space for the tool that he had mislaid.
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On the left, an Agilent 1165A, 600-MHz passive probe was used to measure this signal.
A prototype implant developed by Wise and his Michigan colleagues Mayurachat Gulari and Jianbai Wang includes piezoelectric sensors in the probe.
The reflection probe consists of seven illuminating fibers evenly spaced around the probe circumference.
Essentially, Zeiss engineers have developed a dynamic bending model of the entire system--the machine and the probe head--for its scanning CMMs.
But if some of those esophageal reflux events reached the pharyngeal probe, the patient would be diagnosed as having LPR--that is, reflux into the pharynx.
Use only one brand of probe to achieve standardization
For microbial cleanup of an organic compound like that, you need the presence of oxygen, so we originally developed this probe to determine the amount of oxygen being delivered to subsurface sites.
The five-step chemical reaction that synthesizes the glucose probe requires several different solvents.
When a tool or part is placed within the measuring area, usually on a table, the probe is moved along the object's surface by servo motors, either manually or under automatic control.
Littering the landing site of the European Space Agency's (ESA) Huygens probe are fist-shaped rocks reminiscent of river rocks on our planet.