privy to

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1. noun A toilet, usually one that is outdoors (an outhouse). My uncle's house was built in the 1800s, so if you want to go to the bathroom, you have to use the privy out back.
2. verb Knowledgeable about something; made aware of something, especially a secret or private piece of information. Followed by "to" in this usage. I really don't like being privy to things I can't talk about with others—I'd prefer to just not know anything about it at all. I just wish you would make me privy to this kind of information before we head into a meeting with the heads of the entire corporation.

privy to something

Fig. knowledgeable about something secret or private. The reporter became privy to the senator's evil plan. Why are you privy to this secret information?
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As the minister in charge of sports I'm not privy to such information.
Plus, we are privy to the objectives of the business units, well in advance of transaction stage.
As a ghost she was able to hear, experience, and be privy to the things that normally went on behind closed doors--away from children's eyes.
He was also privy to an effort to frame Canadian pro-lifers for the 1992 fire-bombing of an abortion mill owned by Henry Morgenthaler, one of North America's most powerful abortion activists.
Now Dick's York's personal memoir has been posthumously published and we can all be privy to his personal life, professional accomplishments, and how he came to grapple with such obstacles as enduring back pain, addiction to pain medication, financial ruin, and a bittersweet life rescued by an enduring life.
Although the CRA is not privy to his pension amount, Saulet worked for the CRA for 25 years and earned between $112,188 and $139,356 when he retired.
However, not until now--thanks, in part to the inspiration of her peers Camille Cosby and Maya Angelou--has the rest of the world been privy to her extraordinary journey.
I am not privy to the statistical analysis of the purveyors of the credit-score system.
Highfields earned at least $50 million in the transaction, according to HarvardWatch, raising questions about whether Highfields was privy to insider information regarding Enron's impending collapse.
The overwhelming majority of Royal Caribbean's bookings come through travel agencies that may be privy to special price reductions.
But this piece is not abstractly rendered--instead, it is as though the viewer were privy to an all-night gathering of eight good friends.
Federal workers would, however, be privy to group rates, which run 15 to 20 percent lower than individual policies.
Listeners are privy to events that include two world wars and the Depression era of the 1930s, as well as Millicent's loves, ambitions, struggle for independence, joys, and tragedies.
Although TD would not comment, those privy to the negotiations say the deal could be done within a month.