privy to

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privy to something

Fig. knowledgeable about something secret or private. The reporter became privy to the senator's evil plan. Why are you privy to this secret information?
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References in classic literature ?
I suspected her at once of being privy to the suppression of the Diamond.
He is the true and only doctor; he knows and tells; he is the only teller of news, for he was present and privy to the appearance which he describes.
Respondents to the consultation were generally supportive of the practice of keeping the list which contains details of parties privy to the transaction.
Najjar dismissed a reporter's claim that Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun had expressed discontent for not being privy to the formations, saying:
Lieutenant Alex Mendez and his wife Detective Lisa Mendez become privy to the hidden possibilities of a secret old as time itself, hidden in the innocent soul of their four-year-old daughter.
Another makes us privy to the thoughts and feelings of a young girl who suspects that her parents may have adopted her as a replacement for an infant daughter killed years earlier in a car accident.
We experienced an earlier incident at a Waikiki Budget office, where we finally were given the "spouse rate" but only after every customer in the room had been privy to our relationship.
Plus, we are privy to the objectives of the business units, well in advance of transaction stage.
He was also privy to an effort to frame Canadian pro-lifers for the 1992 fire-bombing of an abortion mill owned by Henry Morgenthaler, one of North America's most powerful abortion activists.
Now Dick's York's personal memoir has been posthumously published and we can all be privy to his personal life, professional accomplishments, and how he came to grapple with such obstacles as enduring back pain, addiction to pain medication, financial ruin, and a bittersweet life rescued by an enduring life.
In tonight's premiere of ``Tru Calling,'' she's dashing madly on foot around New York City trying to prevent an untimely death that only she's privy to.
However, not until now--thanks, in part to the inspiration of her peers Camille Cosby and Maya Angelou--has the rest of the world been privy to her extraordinary journey.
I am not privy to the statistical analysis of the purveyors of the credit-score system.
Highfields earned at least $50 million in the transaction, according to HarvardWatch, raising questions about whether Highfields was privy to insider information regarding Enron's impending collapse.
What Neshat offers is a dual cultural view, empathizing with the Iranian situation but privy to American perceptions (and preconceptions) as well.