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abuse of privileges

The wrongful or unlawful misuse of power in one's duties, either at the expense of others or to the advantage of the abuser. The governor displayed a flagrant abuse of privileges, channeling state funds toward a project owned by her son-in-law at the expense of more worthwhile causes. The moderator was deemed to have committed an abuse of privileges, deleting comments that opposed his own.
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*(a) right to something

 and *(the) right to something
a privilege or license to have something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I have the right to have the kind of house I want. You have a right to any house you can afford.
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Keller warns financial executives that while they may provide the auditor with privileged information, they should do so only after being advised by counsel about the consequences of turning it over, and alternative ways that may fulfill the request.
Generally, in the insurance defense arena, courts have decided that communications between a policyholder and its attorney connected with the defense of an underlying litigation are normally not privileged vis-a-vis the insured's carriers.
They reason that once a third party obtains a privileged communication, confidentiality is lost and cannot be restored.
If the communication was made in the presence of third parties (20) or with the intention of being communicated to a third party, (21) then the communication is not privileged.
The concept of privileged communication is contrary to the philosophy of rules of evidence in court proceedings.
As one EPA official recently told State Environmental Monitor, enforcement actions often depend on "tips and confidential sources," and if this type of information becomes privileged -- so that employees' testimony about an audit is unusable -- enforcers' jobs become tougher.
Now, a study indicates that privileged tissues may not have been granted free rein by the immune system's lymphocytes after all.
LOS ANGELES -- Lieberman Software Corporation,developers of the first fully automated privileged identity management solution, today announced a new partnership with Viewfinity, a leadingprovider of privileged management and application controls.
Enterprises around the world are approaching us for a quickly-deployed, cost-effective, reliable and efficient privileged access solution," says Gideon Shoham, CEO.
Promoting diversity and social justice; educating people from privileged groups, 2d ed.
The Second Circuit adopted the law firm's foreign language translator analogy and concluded that because the law firm's use of an accountant to assist it in understanding the content of the client's business and financial affairs fostered attorney-client communications and the giving of legal advice, the accountant's communications with both the lawyer and the taxpayer were privileged.
Confidential information about company activities communicated to company counsel may be privileged, but that privilege belongs to the company, not you.
In 1998, Congress extended the privilege to communications made to a Federally authorized tax practitioner (which generally includes CPAs) to the extent the communication would be considered privileged if it were between a taxpayer and an attorney; see Sec.
if a sensitive investigative technique is used and the prosecutor decides to argue that it is privileged, officers should work closely with the prosecutor to more effectively articulate why the technique is sensitive;