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abuse of privileges

The wrongful or unlawful misuse of power in one's duties, either at the expense of others or to the advantage of the abuser. The governor displayed a flagrant abuse of privileges, channeling state funds toward a project owned by her son-in-law at the expense of more worthwhile causes. The moderator was deemed to have committed an abuse of privileges, deleting comments that opposed his own. The politician was caught trying to use his position of power to increase his wealth—a clear abuse of privileges.
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check your privilege

slang Be mindful of any societal benefits that you receive or any discrimination that you avoid due to your skin color, gender, socioeconomic status, or other elements of your identity. As a rich white dude, you might want to check your privilege before criticizing the poor people who live in this part of the city.
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male privilege

The preponderance of power and opportunities available to men in society. (In common usage, the term is restricted to men who conform to normative masculinity.) Male privilege means you can walk down the street without giving a second thought to your safety.
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*(a) right to something

 and *(the) right to something
a privilege or license to have something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I have the right to have the kind of house I want. You have a right to any house you can afford.
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I didn't really understand the entire scope of White Privilege until reading this article.
They found that by revealing the names of six former politicians accused of tax evasion Ms McDonald was abusing privilege and the action was defamatory.
Granting agencies that sought-after control through a privilege delegation will imperil key federal and state regulatory and governance interests.
Under today's system of statist privilege, politicians and bureaucrats (supported by various interest groups) legally confiscate vast wealth from producers and give the wealth to those who do not earn it and who do not deserve it.
Social networking sites, cloud computing and mobile devices likewise create problems for privilege assertions.
Each of the four elements is necessary for the privilege to apply, regardless of how the communication is labeled or described.
and is not subject of discovery or admissible in evidence in a proceeding unless waived or precluded as provided by Section 5." Subsection (b) describes the scope of the privilege. A party to a mediation may refuse to disclose, and may prevent any other person from disclosing a mediation communication of any participant.
Wolters Kluwer explained that the fiduciary exception to the attorney-client privilege stems from trust law and is based on the rationale that the benefit of any legal advice obtained by a trustee regarding matters of trust administration runs to the beneficiaries of the trust, and not to the trustees.
BeyondInsight is a unified platform combining privilege and vulnerability management solutions, enabling IT professionals and security experts to work together with increased visibility and enhanced efficiency.
Responding in the National Assembly on Opposition benches request to move a privilege motion on matter related with the ongoing NAB investigation, he said that no one is above the law and everyone has to face the due course of law.
The joint product portfolio delivers the complete spectrum of capabilities required of a best-in-class PAM solution to protect and secure privileged access: credential discovery and rotation, privileged session management, endpoint privilege management, secure remote access, and vulnerability management.
7525 provides a limited privilege to communications between a federally authorized tax practitioner and a taxpayer to the extent the communication would be considered privileged if it were between an attorney and a taxpayer.
The history of attorney-client privilege has its roots in Roman times.
7525 Privilege Relating to Taxpayer Communications" in the August 2018 issue of The Tax Adviser.