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get (one's) priorities straight

To focus one's attention, energy, or concern on that which is most and truly important, usually implying that one has not done so up to that point. After a month of drinking and partying and totally neglecting my studies, I realized that I needed to get my priorities straight if I wanted to graduate from college. John took a little time off from work to get his priorities straight.
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A common hashtag that accompanies social media posts of things deemed important. It is often used humorously. Which candidate has promised to lower taxes? #priorities I was already running late, but I still stopped for coffee because #priorities.

get your priˈorities right/straight

do or get things in the right order of importance: If you think enjoying yourself is more important, then you need to get your priorities straight.The country has got its priorities right — it has invested in industry to achieve economic success.
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