print (something) up

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print (something) up

To print something onto a sheet of paper using a printing device. You'll need to print more forms up for the new applicant. I've sent the final draft to the publishers—they should be printing up the first copies next week.
See also: print, up

print something up

to set something in type and print it; to print something by any process. This looks okay to me. Let's print it up now. Print up the final version.
See also: print, up

print up

To produce something by printing or with a printer: He printed up two copies of the document. She printed some flyers up and distributed them at the meeting.
See also: print, up
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diam.) and wide-format plate that prints up to 24-in.-wide images on rulers and medical tubes.
Prints up to four colors on round objects from 1.6 to 4.7 in.
Diversified Printing Techniques, Charlotte, N.C.- Kent multicolor series prints up to six colors in one cycle with uv inks.
- Proflex R25 fully automatic unit for small cylindrical parts (i.e, caps, jars) prints up to 6000 parts/hr at max.
One of two new lid printers for ice-cream containers is Model DDM-150, which prints up to six colors on tops of deep-skirted lids.