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print (something) out

1. To write something in all-capital block letters. Please print all your answers out in the boxes provided on the form. I made sure to print out the instructions because my normal handwriting can be hard to read.
2. To print something from a computer onto a sheet of paper using a computer printer. Could you print this form out for me? I need to have it filled in before my appointment tomorrow.
See also: out, print

print (something) up

To print something onto a sheet of paper using a printing device. You'll need to print more forms up for the new applicant. I've sent the final draft to the publishers—they should be printing up the first copies next week.
See also: print, up

print (something) in (something else)

1. To write something in print letters (characters similar to those created by mechanical printers or word processors), as opposed to cursive (also known as script or longhand), in a particular space or area. Please print your answers in the boxes provided in your test booklets. Be sure to print your name and address in the blank lines on page one.
2. To include something in a physical publication. They're printing my work in their anthology of American short stories! I'm planning on printing the blog posts in a 200-page collection at some point this year.
See also: print
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High-speed dry-offset printing systems for preformed containers and lids.
This generated excessive waste, and in many cases, students didn't realize how many documents they were printing at one time.
The evolution of on-demand printing allows insurers to print what they need, when they need it, with no waste.
Print Manager Plus lets the administrator enter a different page cost per printer (such as for more expensive color printers) and account for exact printing costs per user or printer.
The digital press is a computer-driven machine that pulls images from electronic files rather than printing plates.
The volume of commercial printing also is growing worldwide, according to the U.
Laser, ink-jet, offset printing, etching, pin-marking and stamping machines and systems are long-lasting, user-friendly and reliable.
Bibliographical societies have a distinguished history of publishing nor only journals like The Library, Publication of the Bibliographical Society ofAmerica, and Studies in Bibliography, but important studies in printing history like those in the 1950s and '60s on early London publishing by W.
Station and U-type register and nonregister gravure printing presses with in-line laminating and embossing, as well as a combination flexographic/gravure press.