the printed word/page

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the printed page

A physical piece of paper on which something is written or printed. With the rise of smartphones, which require malleable, homogenous formats, crafting a piece of writing to be visually striking or appealing on the printed page has become something of a lost art.
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the printed word

Anything that is written on a physical piece of paper; printed media in general, especially books. It's important to foster a love of the printed word in children at an early age. The sudden and ubiquitous rise of e-books and smart devices led many to worry that the printed word may vanish altogether.
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the printed ˈword/ˈpage

stories, articles, etc. printed in a book, magazine, newspaper, etc.
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References in classic literature ?
It is transparent, as I said before; and being laid upon the printed page, I have sometimes pleased myself with fancying it exerted a magnifying influence.
Venice" stares at me from the printed page, and I remember the cafe tables on the sidewalks.
The mere sight of the printed page, broken up in dialogue, was anguish.
The effect was to drive all he knew out of Philip's head, and he looked at the printed page vacantly.
To him, the trail of the raiders would be as plain as the printed page of an open book to her.
I had learned nothing but theories of life and society that looked all very well on the printed page, but now I had seen life itself.
Of course when one of these grand mountain ranges goes stretching across the printed page, it adorns and ennobles that literary landscape--but at the same time it is a great distress to the new student, for it blocks up his way; he cannot crawl under it, or climb over it, or tunnel through it.
The thought had the same sort of physical discomfort as is caused by a film of mist always coming between the eyes and the printed page.
But when his door finally closed behind Anne and Leslie they knew that he went straight to it, and as they walked home they pictured the delight of the old man poring over the printed pages wherein his own life was portrayed with all the charm and color of reality itself.
He was in the books himself, adventuring through the printed pages of bound volumes.
It sent a correspondent to Colorado, and printed pages describing the overthrow of American institutions in that state.
By much labor and through the medium of infinite patience as well, he had, without assistance, discovered the purpose of the little bugs which ran riot upon the printed pages.
Each participant was asked to read extracts from nine texts, which ranged in difficulty from fiction extracts to academic texts, reading each one once on either a tablet, e-reader or printed page.
A recent study by IRI on behalf of Lexmark has revealed that two thirds of Europe's professionals at home and half of professionals at work print mainly in black, which enables them to save money on every printed page.
1 : one of two or more vertical sections of a printed page <Read the article in the left column.